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How to Survive in the West – A Mujahid Guide (2015)

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How to Survive in the West – A Mujahid Guide (2015) WARNING: This book is for information purposes only. The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). On March 19, 2015 the Twitter account @Shahadastories distributed a link to an e-book titled "How to Survive in the West: A Mujahid Guide." This is the latest in a series of e-books compiled by supporters of and recruiters for the Islamic State (ISIS), that provide practical guidance to young Muslims in the West who wish to join ISIS or to wage jihad in their countries. This e-book's chapter titles include: "Hiding the Extremist Identity," "Earning Money," "Internet Privacy," "Training," "Bomb-Making," "Transporting Weapons," and "What Happens When You Are Spied On And Get Raided." Say thank you to your criminal politicians who have been flooding Europe with probably ten thousands of Syrian ISIS terrorists. These fighters are all potential sleeper assassins, and the day they will get triggered by their handlers, either over their cell phones or by their Imam leaders in their Mosques, large numbers of innocent people may get killed before our armies will ever be able to get activated and put an end to the slaughter. This book proves without a doubt that we're not dealing with wild conspiracy theories here, but with real possibilities. The Muslim Jihad is mandatory to all Muslims. It's going to get very nasty, and alas most western people are still in denial about such a possibility. Of course these Muslim fanatics are being handled by Illuminati controlled western intelligence agencies, but this doesn't make it any better. Bear in mind that ISIS had been set up by the CIA right from the get go. Ordo ab Chao. The following is a review of the main topics in the e-book: Chapter 1: "Hiding The Extremist Identity" Chapter 1 provides various instructions for both converts to Islam and for those born into the faith. To the former, the guide notes: "By not showing you're Muslim, you've already excluded yourself being in the 'Terrorist watchlist.'" The latter group is cautioned: "Don't make it too obvious you have become a practicing Muslim. For example: If you haven't grown a beard, don't grow it now, because you will bring unwanted attention onto yourself. Mujahideen in Muslim lands remove their beards for deceptive purposes." In addition, "Practicing Muslims" are instructed "not remove their beard if they already have one. This would only draw unwanted attention to yourself from friends and family, and this will in turn lead them to spy on you." The e-book recommends to women: "If you wear a hijab and go to a place where Muslims are searched (i.e. airports) then do not wear a black hijab, but a colored one instead. Muslim women who wear black hijabs are searched more in airports than those wearing other colored hijabs. This is merely due to a stereotype of fully black-clothed Muslim women being stricter in their religion." Chapter 2: "Disguise" The e-book suggests that extremists should disguise themselves and alter their appearance to resemble non-Muslims in the West. In addition, they should change their first name or their nickname. "When a Muslim goes out in public, he wants to fit into society to make himself look as normal as possible. Remember this isn't because he fears his Islamic identity, but he is doing this so he is not suspected of being an outsider enemy." It is also recommended that Muslims in the West change their behavior and go out of their way to appear more friendly: "Making yourself look more friendly and open minded to the Western public – For example: Muslims who call themselves by a Western nickname gain more acceptances by their non-Muslim colleagues." According to this chapter, having a Western name carries additional advantages: "People with Islamic names get less jobs than those with Islamic names. This alias might be important if you need an important position in a specific job, i.e. Mujahideen send people to work in power plants or enemy governmental positions to spy on and leak reports to the Islamic State leadership (as double agents)." The book even suggests that agents change their voices, for example, when speaking anonymously to others they should put a cloth over the telephone receiver, or use a different tone or accent. Chapter 3: "Easy Money Ideas" This chapter lists ways in which people in the West can steal money to finance terror operations. "If you are an expert in credit card fraud, Paypal/Ebay scams, phishing, [or] hacking, or you know the secret of a big company, then take advantage of your skills. If you can claim extra benefits from a government, then do so. If you can avoid paying taxes, then do so. There is a report that a Muslim accountant 'took' $50 million from his boss and fled to the Islamic State. Other Muslims 'borrowed' a loan as maximum as they could and used it to emigrate to the Islamic State. Another Muslim hacked some Israeli credit cards and used the money to go to the Islamic State." Phishing is another means suggested by the e-book to acquire funds; however, the book specifies: "Attacks should be focused and prioritised on those who insult Islam and the Muslims most of all. They are the real enemies." Chapter 4: "Internet Privacy" This section is broken down into two types of Internet privacy. The first deals with having a clean home IP address. It explains, "When you browse the Internet, you want your Internet activity to look as normal as possible. You do not type anything jihadi, and possibly not even Islamic on your searches, and especially not in your computer." The second type involves jihad searches on TOR. The chapter states: "The safest way to get a basic overview on Jihad is to watch the news channels (such as Al-Jazeera). They do not tell the clear picture, but at least you get an overview of what is going on. This is safe because these channels are broadcasted on Satellite for free, and no one can do a search on your history." Chapter 5: "Training" The e-book explains that physical training is a vital part of getting in shape for jihad. It should be noted that portions from this section were previously printed in e-book “The Islamic State.” However, the tips and advice are more detailed in this version. "Mujahideen go through a range of training to build up their stamina [and] strength, and to gain new skills. Going to the gym and running in the park is considered normal in the West. However, wearing army clothes, a backpack, and weights does look abnormal. You have to train like a normal person. You cannot look different. So men may wear a t-shirt and ¾ jogging trousers whereas sisters may go to the gym [during] female only sessions or run on a treadmill at home to build up stamina." The book claims that "Mujahideen run for a few hours, daily on mountains before having their breakfast," and adds, "In urban warfare, people need to run outside and inside of buildings. So running up and down the stairs is a really good exercise. Learning how to climb walls, and get off walls is also important." The chapter also encourages readers to study krav maga and to take up martial arts, and stresses the importance of honing shooting skills and of target practice. It recommends the use of Nerf guns and paintball guns for practice, and also recommends that would-be jihadis use video games such as Call of Duty to familiarize themselves with movement through urban terrain. Chapter 6: "The Survival Kit" The section titled "Survival Kit" details essential items that, it says, should be transported in a "cigarette tin." The tin, it says, should contain "Matches, Candle, Flint, magnifying glass, needles, small fish hooks, beta light (a small light which lasts for 15 yrs- it is good for reading maps in the dark,) snare wire, flexible saw, medical kit, surgical blades, waterproof plasters, water purifying tablets, condoms (they can hold 1 litre of water), compass, cotton wool." Conclusion: "Resources" ... ebook: How to Survive in the West – A Mujahid Guide (2015) 71p.pdf audiobook: specs: Mac computer voice Tessa South Africa, MP3, 64 kbps, 02 hrs 10 min 08 sec video: Three Stages of Jihad (480p).mp4 tags: Islam, Muhammad, Muslims, terrorism, assassins, sleepers, war, revolution, CIA, ISIS
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