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How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance by Gregory Allan (Evaluation Copy)

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"Notice: This is an evaluation copy of How to Survive Hospital Costs Without Insurance, by Gregory Allan. As such, it contains only the Introduction, and the thirteen chapters, but neither of the two Appendices. The complete version contains the Appendices. The Table of Contents lists everything included in the complete version. This is so you will know what you're missing.Obviously, this is a ploy designed to help the author sell more books. The idea is to give you alot of valuable knowledge for free. You will have an opportunity to see for yourself that my methods are built on sound legal strategy. Then, once you've read the book, you'll realize why you need the material in the Appendices, and you'll be happy to buy the complete book. As I write this, the cost for the complete version in PDF format, delivered via Internet, is $49.95(prices may change without notice). Most people are already facing a big hospital bill when they learn of my book and buy it. Using my procedure they save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars that very first time, and then continue to save for the rest of their lives.Please feel free to redistribute this EVALUATION COPY, provided you do so without modification. If you are ready to buy the full version and start saving money, you'll find it athttp://www.lawfulpath.comThanks for reading.– Gregory Allan "