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How to Get Started with Raw Foods

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Disclaimer 02
Welcome! 06
How to get the most out of your eBook 07
Let's Take It From The Top 08
What IS Raw Food? 08
What is "Living Food"? 08
But What Makes Raw and Living Foods So Special? What's the Difference? 09
Why Enzymes Are Not Just a Bonus But An Essential To Life, Health and Vitality 10
Feel the Difference 10
Why Raw Foods Are Superior (and Cooked Foods Aren't!) 12
Benefits, Benefits, Benefits… 12
50 Great Reasons to Go Raw 12
So What Can YOU Expect? 13
How To Deal With "Less Than Positive" Comments 14
If It's SO Good Why Isn't Everyone Doing It? 15
You Have To Give Before You Gain 16
The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself 16
The 7 Steps To Going (And Staying) Raw 18
Your Journey Starts Here… 20
Step 1: Understand “Why Going Raw Is A Whole Person Journey” 21
Step 2: Food, Glorious Food 26
The Raw Food Groups 27
So What About Meat and Dairy? 28
Raw Ingredients Shopping List (Sorted By Genre) 30
Recommended Eating 41
What To Do With Your List Now That You Have It 42
Where To Shop 42
How To Find New Suppliers or Shops Near You 44
What To Look For 45
How To Select The Best Fresh Produce 46
How To Select The Best Dried / PrePackaged
Produce 47
Buying On A Budget 49 Page 4
Step 3: Create A Living Foods Kitchen 51
The Perfect Live Food Kitchen 52
A Beginners Guide to “Raw Kitchen Equipment” 52
The 3 Pieces of Kitchen Equipment You Should Ideally Own 53
The “Raw Kitchen Equipment” Guided Tour 54
How I Got Started 66
Basic First Buys For Your Kitchen That Could Make All the Difference 67
Setting Your Kitchen Up For Success 68
Creating Your Vision 69
Some Pointers For Those Who Need to Compromise 70
How To Make The Most Out Of What Space You DO Have 71
Final Check Questions 73
Step 4: Get Creative! 74
The Top 5 Raw Food Preparation Techniques 74
Juicing 76
Blending 76
Milling 77
Dehydrating 77
Freezing 78
The Importance of Sprouting (How to Sprout and Growing Indoor Greens) 80
Step 5: Raw Food Recipes For Everyday Living 89
What You Need To Know About Your Recipes 89
Step 6: Menu Planning 92
The 10 Important Guidelines For A Truly Healthy Raw Food Diet 93
Step 7: Where To Next? 95
Beyond The Theory 96
What To Expect When You Eat More Raw Food 98
So, Where To Next? 99
Going Deeper 99
It’s Your Time! 99
Next Level Resources: Steps 1 – 7 100
Final Words… 105
One Final Word of Guidance 105 Page 5
Your One Week Raw KickStart
Pack 107
Your Programme Outlined 108
Choose Your Starting Point 109
Take A Look At The Menus 110
Menu 1 111
Menu 2 112
Menu 3 113
The Menus Explained 114
Your Questions Answered 118
The 3Day
Prep Zone 124
How You Can Best Support Yourself 126
Healthy Cooked Options 128
Other Healthy Eating Pointers 130
Your “One Week Raw” Shopping List 131
My OneWeek
Shopping List (Master Sheet) 132
Let’s Get Started! 133
Your 20 Raw Food Recipes 134154
Appendices 155
Blank Menu Plan 156
Best Mail Order Resources 157
Further Information 158
Live Food Teachings 159
About Karen 160"