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How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? - Questions For Corbett

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How Can A Global Conspiracy Work?
- Questions For Corbett, 18th February 2021

John writes in to ask how a global conspiracy can function and how it can be kept under wraps. Good question. Join James for this week's edition of Questions For Corbett where he tackles the most common objections of the skeptics and their fallacious counter-arguments against the global conspiracy.

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this looks good, many thanks for sharing it. how long is it? Corbett does tend to take a long time

It's just over 45 minutes this one.

thank you, again, sonofsonny for making this available. what did you think about it? did you agree with his presentation?

If I understand correctly, he attempts to answer the question, Is there a global conspiracy to control over population? And his answer to that question is, Yes, and it is an Open Conspiracy. He also adds that it won't be possible to convince the unconvincable.

I am not sure, though, that he really answered the question. He provided multiple examples of authors who have had similar ideas. He provided lots of innuendo about rich families (Darwin, the Huxleys, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers, etc.). And he made sure to keep the implication of total control at the forefront of his viewers' minds. But is all that an answer? Hasn't this all been done before, on both sides of the argument?

My real issue with this is, Okay, let's assume you successfully uncover the conspiracy. And you successfully convince everyone about it. And you successfully expose the emperor's new clothes. What then?

If you strip power now, won't it just creep back into place? History shows that we are virtually powerless to stop the corruptions of power.

Drain one swamp and you find that you, yourself, are standing in another. Drain that one and...? The swamp water has got to go somewhere...or, another way of looking at it is, It's all swamp water as far as the eye can see!

I think it was an interesting presentation and agree when he says it's an easy question with a difficult answer. I agree that there are global conspiracies, and some are out in the open, although maybe hidden in plain sight. I also agree that the vast majority of people are not easily convinced.

I’m certainly no expert though and acknowledge I have barely scratched the surface of this. I would definitely struggle to answer this question.

Some of the info in this presentation was also new to me, I would need to watch it again and check out all sources he provided in the show notes. I see what you mean about the innuendo, I think that's the reason he encourages viewers to watch previous podcasts where he talks more about those subjects. I only came to know about James Corbett in the last 12 months so haven't seen all his previous work. The Bill Gates podcasts I have watched and posted here, I thought they were well researched and eye opening.

I hear what you’re saying about uncovering the conspiracy, corruption of power and the swamp – it is as far as the eye can see! It’s a vicious circle, historically it seems any revolution to change the current condition ultimately ends right back where it started. The same swamp, different crocodiles.

That said, I don't think it's meant to be this way; were we allow ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by a minority of psychopaths who claim authority over us. At the same time, we can’t tell people how to live their lives, if they are not interested, they are not interested. All you can do is focus on and empower yourself with knowledge and apply it in your life. Lead by example kind of thing.

Regarding the global conspiracy and the current condition humanity finds itself in I think the research of Mark Passio and David Icke is close to what's happening and has been happening for a very long time. Mark Passios work on Natural Law and the Dark Occult/Satanism in particular were mind-blowing to me.