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How To Become A Tyrant (2021)

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How to Become a Tyrant
2021 | TV-MA | 1 Season | Political TV Shows

Ruling with an iron fist requires an aspiring dictator to know the playbook for absolute power, as history's despots prove in this sardonic docuseries.

1. Seize Power
Interested in becoming a tyrant? There are rules, and the playbook for a rise to dictatorship starts with one of history's most brutal: Adolf Hitler.

2. Crush Your Rivals
You've secured your place at the top, but maintaining power means watching your back. Nobody did that better or more ruthlessly than Saddam Hussein.

3. Reign Through Terror
When keeping your population under control, is it better to be loved or feared? Idi Amin certainly thought he knew the right answer to that question.

4. Control the Truth
Through public relations spin, revisionist history and censorship, Soviet autocrat Joseph Stalin found a certain flexibility with the truth useful.

5. Create a New Society
Free speech? Right to assembly? Rebel-turned-dictator Muammar Gaddafi realized that civil liberties had to go when reshaping society. But he got soft.

6. Rule Forever
Seizing power is hard, but keeping it is harder. In North Korea, the Kim dynasty unlocked the secret to ruling forever: They declared themselves gods.


I already had it set up and ready to seed! Both mine and yours are 1080p, mine MP4, yours MKV. Does this include subtitles?

I just noticed Graham Hancock recommended this on his Facebook and figured I'd take a look for it. I think it just came out yesterday. And yes, it looks like these mkv copies have all of the subtitles that were available on Netflix embedded into the files. So pretty much most popular languages...

Oh I bet this will be complete crap perpetuating western imperialist's narrative.... Stalin bad (even though he protected his country from the greatest threat and won an impossible war.). Saddam bad (but he was good when he worked for the west.) Gaddafi bad (especially when he wanted to make an african currency backed by gold and ditch the dollar. so western imperialists came to save the librarians from him. and they did. there is no more librarians. they all died and got saved in Heaven, in Hillary Clinton's anarchy war. - "we came, we saw, he died, hihihi"). North Korea sooo bad. Basically anyone working with China and Russia and not being a puppet state of the west and submitting to western banking and military industry's monopoly is soooo bad... Did they skip Iran an Venezuela? I doubt it. Im sure they are somewhere in there. Oh! and dont get me started on Hitler! - the guy was put in power by the Jesuits, made the face of the German revolution by Times Magazine, used to seal the German revolution, unify Europe militarily (everybody gave up and gave him power because they are all puppets) and they used the European military machine to launch yet another attempt at conquering the free market that is Russia. Basically Napoleon 2.0. Shows like these can deceive only those who have never studied history. I will use this wonderful opportunity as I have shat on your netflix western imperialist propaganda to tell you that THE REAL NEWS IS ON RT.COM!!! -better get educated quick because they are launching Napoleon 3.0 very soon.

You might be right - I never really thought of it that way!

What are you suggesting about Stalin? That he was not a murderous egomaniac, second only in cruelty — arguably — to Mao?

Stalin did what was necessary to keep the country and his people. If it was not for him there would be no Russian people today. When your country is under a major threat there are no good options. There are only less bad ones. In the same way people like to blame communism. Communism is an ideology of utopia and power to the people as opposed to power to the bankers. The Soviet Union did not fail because communism does not work. It failed because it was under constant attack by the west. And China is actually today's proof that communism DOES work.
Same goes for Mao. He made a country by and for the Chinese people. The victims of the Chinese revolution were greedy people who had sold their souls to work for western powers who wanted to steal the country away and make of it a puppet state. The good guys won that war. And they were headed by Mao.
You should know that every story has 2 sides. And west's side is the lie. The biggest imperialists in the world are Europe and US. And they seek to perpetuate their imperialism further. They do this by attacking the present - China violates human rights, Russia "annexed" Crimea, etc; And they do it by attacking the past - Stalin and Mao sooo bad because people died.... (during war time).................
You are being fed these things because whats coming is the new war. WW3. Because US is unable to live in a multi-polar world. They just have to own it all. And the growing economies have grown too much.

Let me make one clear statement for you:
Never in history has there been a regime which ruled in opposition to its people. Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, Iran, Syria, Libya, Ukraine - they were all ruled by a government which had a majority support. This concept of dictators ruling against the will of their people is completely non-existent and imagined with the goal of creating regime change by the CIA in other people's countries.
The only situation in which this statement is not true is when you have a regime ruling its people and achieving their support through propaganda. An excellent example of this is the US. If the people really knew the truth about the corruption, the wars for profit of the military industry, the federal reserve not being federal, etc. they would never stand for it.
In the US there is a system - you have CIA, above them you have NSA, above them Secret Service, above them you have the President, and the president who is the top of the pyramid is chosen by the people. Thus the bottom of the pyramid rules the top. Well, what happens then, when you have a president like Bush - ex CIA chief? Who rules the pyramid? Is it the people? Or is it the CIA? If the president was in charge would there be a black budget? Would there be things classified to him? US is the country with the least democracy in the world. Yet it goes around criticizing everyone else and starting war after war justified by violation of human rights.

It's an interesting discussion, but you can't have it both ways, friend: you can't say "the people must wake up" and then say "y'all are doing what *you* want". Do you seriously believe Germans wanted to kill jews? As in, they all just woke up one day and said, yeah, we're gonna externalize our demons on this group. Are you actually trying to sanction that killing? "It was okay for hitler to wanna kill them all because the people wanted it."

Allow me to make a clear statement for you: people need leaders more than leaders need people. What the hell are we griping on this board for about waking up, if not for that?!

and if that wasn't clear enough, please lookup the definition of mind control. and then come back and tell me, stalin had majority support. or trump. good grief.

Of course I would not justify the killing of the Jews. And the story of Hitler and Stalin was completely different. And do you know why they decided to kill the Jews? It all comes down to the very reasons for the German revolution. The German population was robbed post WW1. There was a lot of people who died in the war. And a lot of people who died in the economic assault which followed. As a result there was a lot of anger. And this anger was channeled at the Vatican's old enemy - the Jews. Via their puppet - Hitler. Who stole the revolution. Thats how that happened.
There's no such thing as mind control on a mass level. All there is is propaganda and lies. America being the perfect example. And of course Trump had a majority support. He had it twice. No mind control required. Just tyranny oppressing the people. Trump is the culmination of the 9/11 truth movement.

You are doing exactly what they want you to do. You are looking at the murders of Hitler, Stalin and Mao as an isolated event. Which oversimplifies things and your conclusion is just - "Stalin bad".
However what you must understand is that every event in history stems from its per-history. Everything happened for a reason. Only if you understand the context will you truly understand the event.
Here is a little per-history for you guys which you will never hear on netflix:
Napoleon - an agent of the Vatican created secret society called the "Illuminati" overthrew the French government and went on to conquer and create puppet states all across Europe. Russia at the time was part of the masonic club. Napoleon backstabed Russia and attempted to conquer them. He failed. Napoleon conquered Poland and then French owned Poland was conquered by Russia. After the wars there was a congress in Vienna in 1814. During that congress the puppet politicians were manipulated behind the scenes by Rothschild to make Poland an autonomous (puppet)state thus taking it out of Russia's control. Russia exposed Rothschild and what followed was a ban of secret societies in Austria and that caused a lot of trouble for the Hidden Hand. That is when the feud became official and Rothschild vowed to conquer Russia. 100 years later they started WW1 in 1914. Which was also all about Russia. If you dont know how ask and I will tell you. - This is the context which you must consider before saying things like "Stalin was so paranoid and killed so many people". Russia is under systematic attack since Napoleon. And the events which were started then are determining geopolitics to this very day.

Of course this will have a bias, as do most mainstream productions, whether from the east or the west.

netflix in general is a very bad source for documentaries and you should upload with great consideration and caution. they always have a hidden agenda. I have yet to watch something by them that is truly educational. however they did make a great resident evil animated series which a watched last night. much more recommended than this. ;D

But what about the David Attenborough nature specials? Maybe I shouldn't ask! hahaha

haha! you are messing with me. I had to look it up because I did not know what you are talking about. I love to watch movies about the animals but unfortunately I have too much relevant stuff to watch........ maybe someday.... when the empire DIES! and I can rest... :D

"Stalin did what was necessary to keep the country and his people"?? He was a drunken psychopath - literally through the entirety of WW2...he was so useless that the US/Zionist/British commies had to send him a "handler" to run the country...until Germany was already on it's knees. He was a mass murderer who's own supporters eventually killed him, because he was so paranoid they didn't know who he'd turn on next. If Russia is a power today, it's down to Putin

"US/Zionist/British commies had to send him a "handler" to run the country." - this is quite an absurd statement.
The Vatican hired Marx to write the communist manifesto which was spread in Russia through the masonic lodges. The spread of communism was used to bring down the Russian monarchy. (The Russian monarchy was the greatest country in the world long before Putin, back in the day when America was a little country).
Once the Monarchy was brought down the west attempted to steal the country. And they failed. Stalin never had a handler from the west. But Hitler did.
The things you say about these people are things you have been told by western historians. You only know one side of the story.

Its not absurd pal. Its the truth. Avril Harriman was sent into the USSR from 1942-1944 to run the war effort. Stalin couldn't deal with the Nazi attack on his country. The "allies", who were largely run by the British/Zionist "banksters", used Lend Lease to bolster the USSR's manufacturing shortfalls and were more than happy to let poor beat down Soviet citizens do the fighting/dying for them. The quid pro quo was that they called the shots until the Germans were in retreat. I don't disagree with some of what you say about the desired destruction of the Russian monarchy but Marx was a shill for International Zionism. You may be right about the Vatican and Masonic lodges but they were junior partners. I don't "know one side of the story". You're pushing a childish pro commie nonsense

The war on the western front was entirely staged up until the Normandy invasion when it inevitably had to become real. The war was never about Germany. It was always about Russia and the conquest of it. They were not just "happy" to let the Soviets do the fighting. That was the entire point. What you call International Zionism is a propaganda therm created by the true enemy who is the Vatican. The people who created the Templar bakers who were later reformed as the masons. Russia has historically looked to the west many times in an attempt to make peace, make amends, create a world of cooperation and end the ancient feud. They always almost gullibly give to the west and take from the west when the west offers them stuff. What you are referring to about Avril Harriman is one of those situations. The fact that Russia sought cooperation does not mean that it was conquered and secretly controlled. Nobody pulled Stalin's strings. - You can be sure about that. The casualties show the picture clearly. Before Normandy there were very few casualties on the western front. While on the eastern one EVERY RUSSIAN FAMILY HAD A CASUALTY IN THIS WAR. Think about that before you shrug off Stalin's actions as simply paranoid. Russia has suffered 200 years of invasions from the west. And the casualties of the Bolshevik revolution as well.
Further evidence is the actions of disparity by the west post WW2 and during the Cold war. Russia was independent the whole time. That was the problem. The only time when the west was able to reach deep enough was when the USSR collapsed. And then they lost their foothold shortly after when Putin got the situation back into control.
I am not pushing anything. I am neither from the east nor from the west. I have no allegiance. I simply state the facts. If they seem odd to you it is because you have been indoctrinated to receive facts from people with agendas. I have no agenda other than the truth.
Russia was by and for the Russians during Stalin, Putin, and Romanov.

Also the way you use the word "Zionist" is propaganda in itself. The powers of evil are not Zionists. The British ruled from Jerusalem to Bangladesh. Once their empire collapsed they looked for a way to regain parts of it. They justified the re-conquering of the Holly Land with the Jews. It was never about the Jews. It was always about Britain taking back a foothold in the middle east. Israel is a puppet state of the US. Not the other way around as many CIA agents writing on the forums would have you believe.

Yeah well now we get to the crux of the situation. Zionism isn't propaganda. Ask any Zionist from AIPAC, the SPLC, the ADL, the ZOA etc etc. You only need look at who is strangling control from the US as we speak. It isn't British citizens. It's dual nationality Israeli "US" citizens who've worked to destroy the US, and it's allies in the UK, Australia, NZ, Canada and Europe from within. Control of money and energy has given them total power and they're trying to force a world wide Bolshevik 3.0 on us as we speak. Have the British monarchy been "a partner"? Absolutely and so has the CCP

The fact that some of the bad guys are Jews does not make it a Jewish conspiracy. They dont care for the Jews. The Vatican killed them during the Spanish inquisition. The Vatican's Hitler killed them during WW2. And they will sacrifice them again. They are just pawns in the game. US is not a puppet state of Israel. Israel is a puppet state of US.

Communism is not bad. As I said, its an utopian ideology aimed at giving the people power over the bankers. It was however used in a bad way since it was spread in a country (Russia) who's monarchy was one of the few functioning properly with the aim of the prosperity of their people.
If we have any communism today it is only for the rich - too big to fail. For the poor however, there is an environment of endless competition which is fundamentally opposed to any notions of CIVILIZATION.
The end goal is not a global communist revolution. If it was so it would be a good thing because the rich would loose power and that will stop all the banker and military industry crimes. Big tech and big media domination etc.
The goal is the recreation of the story of Christ. The staging of the death and resurrection of a world leader (Obama) post WW3. And the creation of an authoritarian openly satanic regime ruled with an iron fist. - This which they falsely accuse Stalin and Mao of is what they truly aim to do.

PS: read letter called "3 world wars" by Albert Pike - written before WW1!!!

Netflix may or may not be biased, but this docuseries is still pretty interesting and I have learned a lot of things about these rulers/dictators I didn't know about before. That's usually a good thing for what to get out of watching a documentary. Education and perhaps some entertainment as well...

AND READ RT.COM! So you have more than one perspective. In the news today:
Cuba’s president blames Washington for protests, says US sanctions responsible for shortages and ‘social unrest’

And The Duran:
Merkel's EU 'empire' dream for the Balkans

You keep pushing RT as though you have an agenda here, friend

I'll tell you what: I'll read Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn, and you can read RT

yes, my agenda is to give you the only platform which provides an alternative voice (of westerners)