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Hoover Dam. The Next 911: The Birth Of The New World Order

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Hoover Dam. the Next 911: the Birth of the New World Order

there's the youtube length for the full movie. Still download the torrent because the youtube police will most likely take this video down.

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Hoover Dam: the Next 9/11 - the Birth of the New World Order

This film shows the next 9/11. Will the Hoover Dam be destroyed? It already has. Through watching my film, you will be able see the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. The film was made possible through over hundred clips found on the internet. The movie sounds as a warning to the future. Let's learn from the past.

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"The Official Selection at the Craig Movie Awards."

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Everyone: Let me know how you liked the video or how you hated.


Liked :D .... lots of info :D

check out this picture of Captain America saying he is going to blow up the Hoover Dam. This was in a comic, I found it after I made the movie. The whole comic issue is about blowing up the Hoover Dam.

works of fiction that involve blowing up the Hoover dam. So?

Why did you think so? Is it because you believe that people who don't think like you must be misinformed?

Wait? Is your name Stiffy?

I was asking stiffying if he/she was new to this.