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Homeschooling books that include known conspiracies (US History, Tesla for Physics, and so on)

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Homeschooling books that include known conspiracies (US History, Tesla for Physics, and so on)

Hello everyone,

Just like you I suppose, I'm fond of reading and discovering hidden facts about Politics, Health, Physics, Climate, History, and so on.

Looking back, I noticed that school brainwashing--besides media propaganda--was the major factor of my ignorance.

Now, I want my own kids to get the best education, and that includes a knowledge of the conspiracy theories that are backed by evidence.

I could give them a list of websites and e-books. Yet as you know some conspiracy websites and authors tend to go all over the place. Some are of great quality, but they're talking to concerned citizens, not kids and teenagers. I want my children to be spared of superfluous information and go straight to the essential.

I'm sure some people have already developed alternative teaching books--I know young-earth creationists did.
But where are they?

We need such material for all fields. Teaching teens about Tesla in physics or the limits of Einstein's astrophysics could foster the minds of future discoverers. Better courses in History and Politics would help them enormously as citizens. In any case, precious time could be earned, and vocations could be made.

This is important because the process of re-wiring (or red-pilling, as some call it) gets harder and harder at each generation, as every year another set of lies and propaganda becomes mainstream truths.

Worse perhaps: the very way education is being done is also changed according to the ideology.

So not only the young should be offered an alternative course, but they should be taught in a way that fits our worldview.
The kids who may move to live among the normies should also be capable of predicting the reaction of the normies s/he will encounter, resisting rationally, and assessing where help is.

I doubt that such quality is to be found, but I'm still asking, after all, the U.S. has a very large homeschooling community of 2 million!

Start with the Trivium and Quadrivium...

... AKA the seven liberal arts. This gives them the groundwork they need to navigate around life's pitfalls and tar pits.

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