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David Cole (aka, David Stein) was exposed and debunked, long ago. Do some research, before uploading bullshit.

... this Cole/Stein was a con this do not mater as there are a lot of other sources debunking the mythos of the "six million" dead, etc... Only one with the head in the sand can still accept ALL the official narratives about WWI and WWII as those are 100% propaganda.

Anyhow, here the dudes of CC are very aware of this...

Even though...
... this Cole/Stein was a con this do not mater as there are a lot of other sources debunking the mythos of the "six million" dead, etc... Only one with the head in the sand can still accept ALL the official narratives about WWI and WWII as those are 100% propaganda

So basically you are saying "yeah it's bullshit BUT because it backs up my world view it's still valid"
that's some serious bullshit right there.
AS I have said before.. my grandfather was in Auschwitz and my grandmother in Birkenau and he told us FIRST HAND what went on so.. i don't buy ANY of the denial shit.
As to numbers.. it's my opinion that the 6 million includes Jews,union organisers, communists, freemasons,political opponents and all sorts that didn't fit the nazi ideology/ideal. the vast majority though were absolutely Jews.
i would imagine the echoes in that chamber you live in must not be great but you seem to like it

Thanks for the file.

... circumcised can not stand a neutral view point as like those that suffer violence can not be neutral toward the perpetrators.

I just say that ALL mythology about WWI and WWII was CREATED by the victorious (with bits of truth) and those two events led to the final emancipation of the Jews :

ttsoares wrote:

Those that are... circumcised can not stand a neutral view point as like those that suffer violence can not be neutral toward the perpetrators.

There are millions upon millions American men who are not of the Jewish flavour you must mean them too!
BTW I am NOT a Jew and am NOT circumcised.

Debunking David Cole's Auschwitz video

When David Cole clearly stated that mass execution of Jews happened at the camps of Aktion Reinhard in his latest book "Republican Party Animal" he was suddenly dropped like a hot potato by his "friends" at CODOH et al. That is why today they suddenly need to distance themselves from him. There are quite some former "revisionist" figures by now who have turned their backs on "revisionism", like for example Eric Hunt, Mark Weber, Jean-Claude Pressac and „The Black Rabbit of Inlé”. Obviously they all must have been "tortured" or put under pressure by some other means.

David Cole acknowledges the factuality of the Shoah (while still having a somehow "revisionist" viewpoint):

David Cole: My Unintentionally Negative Impact on Holocaust Revisionism

Treblinka Gas Chambers / David Stein

"There were no automated gas chambers. They were simple creations---rooms with the exhaust of a car or truck piped in...The gas chambers were simply rooms with no windows, a locked door, and car exhaust piped in. Big outdoor pits, not crematoriums, were used for burning bodies"

AR Camps / David Stein

"From 1942 through 1943, Polish Jewry was subjected to one of the most brutal campaigns of mass murder in human history. Because of the secrecy surrounding those four extermination camps, and the fact that they were ploughed under and erased from existence in 1943, it's difficult to be precise about certain details. And we do know that some Jews were sent to those camps as a throughway to other destinations (as recounted multiple times in Gerald Reitlinger’s 1953 masterwork The Final Solution). But, more than enough circumstantial evidence exists to show that for most Jews, the train ride to those camps was one-way, and final."

"Republican Party Animal", David Cole, pp. 34, 309

Further info addressing claims made by Cole in the past:

David Cole, in his unpublished “Forty-six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers,” acknowledges that the extant ruins have been exposed to the elements but then wonders why Zyklon-B blue staining remains on the outside of the brick gas chamber at Majdanek, against which the Nazis beat clothing and blankets to remove the gas residue.[32] Wouldn’t these blue stains have washed away in the weather as at Auschwitz? His question sounds reasonable, but when we visited Majdanek we could see that the blue staining on the outside bricks is minimal. Moreover, a roof overhang has protected the bricks from rain and snow, so that the bricks at Majdanek are nowhere near as weathered as the open rubble at Auschwitz. In addition, Cole gives no citations for some of his claims. When he says, for example, “the buildings which used to serve as the camp delousing facilities still have extremely high traces of the gas” and “the Auschwitz camp barracks and offices, which were fumigated with the Zyklon-B from time to time, show similarly minute traces of the gas, and no blue staining,”[33] is this just his opinion or does he have solid evidence? Before we even bother to respond to such claims, then, we need to test their accuracy. In this case, there are no references to back up Cole’s statements—a shortcoming that seems to happen all too often in deniers’ “research.” When a question or statement has no grounding in evidence, it becomes just a rhetorical device and requires no answer. Consider, as yet another example, Cole’s claim that at Mauthausen the door of the gas chamber does not lock. True, the present door does not lock, but that is irrelevant because it is not the original door. All we had to do to find out that fact was ask.

"Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It?", Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman (2009), p. 132

Bonus tidbit 1: debunking the absolutely idiotic statement by the fraud "expert" Leuchter made in the video about "explosive" Zyklon-B:

2.02 The Explosive Property of Zyklon B & Furnace Proximity

Holocaust denial often asserts that Zyklon B could not have been used for killing in the gas chambers, because it is explosive, and the furnaces were nearby.

They overlook, however the fact that the concentration of HCN necessary to cause death is nearly 200 times lower than that necessary to cause an explosion. Although the SS used a concentration higher than the lethal one, it was far less than what would be required to cause an explosion.

As a reference, one can look at "The Merck Index" and the "CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics", or consult any manual dealing with toxicity and flammability of chemicals. For HCN, a concentration of 300 ppm (parts per million) kills humans within a few minutes (Merck, 632, entry 4688), while the minimal concentration that can result in an explosion is 56,000 ppm.

HCN is explosive at 6% (60,000 ppm.); it is not necessary to reach such concentrations in order to murder. In its pure state, HCN is very dangerous to transport or to store; the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) states:

Polymerization: Can occur violently in the presence of heat, alkaline materials, or moisture. Once initiated, polymerization becomes uncontrollable since the reaction is autocatalytic, produce heat and alkalinity (NH3). Confined polymerization can cause a violent explosion. HCN is stabilized with small amounts of acid to prevent polymerization. HCN should not be stored for extended periods unless routine testing confirms product quality.


Another claim is refuted merely by reference to the Merck Index. In order to be explosive HCN requires a concentration of 6% (60,000 ppm). There is simply no reason to add enough Zyklon B to allow such a concentration to build up.

Bonus tidbit 2: Further debunking of arguments made in the video:

Deceit & Misrepresentation – The Techniques of Holocaust Denial
The Auschwitz Gambit: The Four Million Variant

Six Million before WWII

Debunking Leuchter:

The most popular denier memes debunked: 3. Leuchter's report

Mr. Death, the rise and fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. (segment about Leuchter's utterly flawed methology)

The Van Pelt Report: IX The Leuchter Report

Irving trial: Expert report of Dr. Richard J. Green

Leuchter, Rudolf & the Iron Blues

Chemistry is Not the Science: Rudolf, Rhetoric & Reduction

The Chemistry of Auschwitz

The Leuchter Report

I had forgotten how thorough you are. I appreciate both you and Pax for standing up for the truth!