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The Hive Mind Singularity - Decoding the Subliminal Matrix (2015)

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The Hive Mind Singularity - Decoding the Subliminal Matrix (2015) This is a rather significant update of my research on subliminal audio programming using music albums as the carrier medium. This is just like the famous Red Pill in the Matrix movie. We will go down the legendary rabbit hole quite deeply. If you're new to all of this, then in all likelihood, this will be more than you're able to cope with. A member of the Illuminati once said in an interview: "Almost everything you know is wrong". I cannot contradict him there. Please be careful, in case you're a victim of Monarch mind control or any other form of mind control, then these files may trigger one or several of your alters. In case you want to explore this torrent anyway, maybe you better had two friends assisting you, by holding you tight if necessary while studying this. I've removed the standard trigger codes known to me, but I cannot remove what isn't know to me. This research doesn't refer to intense programming occurring within the occult hierarchy, and it doesn't deal with true demonic possession, it merely deals with mainstream mind control occurring in the context of their externalization of the occult hierarchy. If you're a victim of early childhood programming coupled to true satanic rituals, then you'll need a highly specialized therapist trained in deprogramming cult members - or maybe an ordained priest trained in the art of exorcism. Some Remarks for Researchers Interested in Subliminal Mind Control Decoding subliminals hidden in music albums is a very subtle process, therefore there is quite a margin of error. This isn't a scientific process but rather an art, the art of subtle perception. These subliminals are present in around 5000 music albums I own. It is reasonable to assume that such subliminals are also present in those albums I do not own. Therefore the total number of albums out there containing this subliminal script is rather mind boggling. According to the researchers and former insiders Jay Parker and Doc Marquis around 10 percent of the American population belongs to the occult illuminati hierarchy - that would be 32 million people. Surely there must be ten thousands of artists working for them, creating all of these subliminally infected albums. It is possible that some artists appear under many different names, though. I own around 5000 albums, and most of them are subliminally infected, this is mainly ambient and electronic music, so maybe I own 1 percent of all albums available in that category, therefore there must be around 500000 infected albums, but that's one category of music only, if you assume that there are maybe 20 different categories of music, then you end up with a mind boggling number of 10 million infected albums. Now maybe I have a tendency to attract these kinds of albums into my life, or maybe the percentage of all albums being infected is that high, even the ones I do not own. You will understand that I cannot check out all albums in existence. You see, the Illuminati have been working for thousands of years on their world domination scheme, and these are the richest and most influential people in the world, and they're extremely eager to use everything they have to achieve their supreme goal. This subliminal conspiracy is extremely important to them, therefore they must be willing to invest hundreds of billions of dollars to achieve their goal. They control these artists both with money and with mind control, and that's two mighty assets for implementing their plans. For them this is a real war, a war on your mind, a war being waged on a socio-cultural level. Mind control is the core foundation of their power-matrix. They're willing to invest as much money and manpower in this culture-war, as they were willing to invest in, let's say World War II, for example. World War II was just about Germany and Japan, this time it's about the whole world. That's how important this is for them. If you can set up an army of soldiers of a million men in uniform, then you can also set up an army of a million artists for your global cultural war. In the light of these thoughts, the number of 10 million infected albums doesn't look that far out anymore. It's like ten million rounds of ammunition - shooting their memetic mind control bullets at your bio-computer. You see, you have to look at the facts and then deduce your paradigm from it. If you do it the other way round, if you use your false paradigm (false due to you being a victim of mind control and social engineering) in order to make an assessment of the plausibility of such numbers, then you will never unmask the truth, then you will always reject the facts, looking too outrageous to be accepted. Now you may not be able to actually discern these subliminals by yourself, but surely you're able to study the album covers, listen to the lyrics, and read the song titles, all hinting at what is actually going on below the audible surface, in the acoustic subspace. You see, actually they're making fun of you, they boldly hint at what they're doing, hiding it in plain sight, because they believe that you're too stupid to figure it all out for yourself. In the inner occult circles this script is also called the "zombie script", some call it "the ghost file", both names being very appropriate. "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent." J. Edgar Hoover, as quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956) What is going on here? You are encountering one significant element of their global matrix of control, being outside of your social ecology, and for anyone over let's say 30, it is almost impossible to integrate this into their paradigm. Therefore you have to convince yourself that this is all total nonsense in order to protect your sanity, but it's not, it's real. You see, that's how it feels like when you swallow the red pill. Two thirds of the iceberg are under the surface, and we've just started scratching the surface. You see, we literally went underground here, into the dark underworld of the invisible war being waged subliminally by the dark forces on the ethereal level. 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