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The History of Inquisition Library by HC Lea

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Lea's History of the Inquisition of Spain was uploaded sometime ago (4 volumes). It is well known, however, that the Inquisition was not confined to Spain only, it covered all Europe and extended beyond that.
This upload contains the rest of Lea's books about the Inquisition:

1- HC Lea-History of Inquisition of Middle Ages-vol1: discusses the roots and history of the Inquisition, and its torture methods.

2- HC Lea-History of Inquisition of Middle Ages-vol2: Inquisition of Languedo, France, Spanish Peninsula, Italy, The Slavic Cathari, Germany, Bohemia, and The Hussites.

3- HC Lea-History of Inquisition of Middle Ages-vol3: discusses Special Fields of Inquisitorial Activity.

4- HC Lea-Inquisition in Spanish Dependencies: Sicily, Naples, Sardinia, Milan, The Canaries, Mexico, Peru, and New Granada.

5- HC Lea-Moriscos of Spain-Their Conversion and Expulsion

If you want to know more about who is Henry Charles Lea, here what Wikipedia says about him:

Henry Charles Lea (September 19, 1825 - October 24, 1909) was an American historian, civic reformer, and political activist. Lea was born and lived in Philadelphia …
. . Lea became a member of the newly-formed American Historical Society and contributed a number of articles to its publication, American Historical Review. Lea was elected president of the American Historical Society in 1903. When the second annual meeting of the newly-formed American Folklore Society was held in Philadelphia in 1889, Lea met with some of the founders, sent an article for publication in the Society's journal, and became the first life-member of the organization.
The Henry Charles Lea Library, named in his honor, includes much of his personal collection of books and manuscripts. Speakers at the opening dedication in 1925 included Professor George Lincoln Burr of Cornell University, who worked to complete the manuscript of Lea's Materials for a Study of Witchcraft; Professor Dana C. Munro of Princeton University, vice president of the American Historical Association, who had used Lea's collections as a young scholar; and Hampton L. Carson, Philadelphia historian and former attorney general of Pennsylvania.
As an authority on the Spanish Inquisition Lea stood in the highest rank of modern historians, and distinctions were conferred on him by the universities of Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Giessen and Moscow. . .