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History and Tales of the Crusades

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History and Tales of the Crusades:

(edit: FastTadpole) Part #2:

In March 2000, the late Pope John Paul II apologized again for the crimes and sins committed by the Catholic Church in the last 2000 years. Pope John Paul II was sincere and passionate with his many apologies. During his long reign as Pope, he said ‘sorry’ to Jews, Galileo, women, victims of the Inquisition, Muslims slaughtered by the Crusaders and almost everyone who had suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church through the years.

This upload concentrates on the History and Tales of the Crusades. It begins with 2 commentaries on the late Pope apologies. All files are in pdf format except the last three which are in DjVu format.

1- Better Late that Never! Pope Apologizes for Crusades.

2- Pope's Apology, the Laugh of the New Millennium.

3- The Crusades. By: Michael Paine, 2005.

4- The Crusades 1095-1197. By: Jonathan Phillips, 2002.

5- Fighting for Christendom Holy War and the Crusades. By: Christopher Tyerman, 2004.

6- Jerusalem City of Herod and Saladin. By: Walter Besant and E.H. Palmer, 1871.

7- Saladin and Fall of Kingdom of Jerusalem. By: Stanley Lane-Poole, 1906.

8- The Crusades Almanac. By: Micael O'Neal, 2005.

9- God, Humanity and History - The Hebrew First Crusades Narratives. By: Robert Chazan, 2000.

10- Saladin Prince of Chivalry. By: Charles Rosebault, 1930.

11- The Talisman, A Tale of the Crusaders. By: Sir Walter Scott, 1878.

12, 13 & 14- History of the Crusades-in 3 volumes. By: Steven Runciman, 1951. (in DjVu format).

Note: History of the Crusades by Edward Gibbon was uploaded before in late March.