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History and Criticism of Celibacy - A Collection

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History and Criticism of Celibacy – A Collection:

Celibacy is considered a major cause for the sex crimes committed by priests and clergymen. This upload includes:

1- History of Sacerdotal Celibacy in Christian Church, by HC Lea (1957 Edition).
2- Priestly Celibacy Exposed; A Lecture by: The Rev. Geo Townsend Fox (1854).
3- Essays on Celibacy and Wedlock; by Edward Barry (1806).
4- Woman, Church and State; by Matilda Joslyn Gage (1893). It contains a full chapter on Celibacy.
5- Necessity of Abolishing Clerical Celibacy; by DP Kidder (1844).
6- Celibacy and Religious Traditions; edited by Carl Olson (2008).
7- Celibacy in Crisis; by A.W. Richard Sipe (2003).
8- The Serpent and the Dove: Celibacy in Literature and in Life; by A.W. Richard Sipe (2007).