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Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger 2 Complete Seasons

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About Hidden Origins

Uncover the clues that expose humanity’s true origins as Michael Tellinger reveals secrets hidden within ancient stone circles and artifacts. These secrets could help us once again reclaim our true power and create a new world of abundance and opportunity for all.
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Directory of Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger

Season 01 Hidden Origins Season 1
Season 02 The Ubuntu Workshops
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Directory of Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger/Season 01 Hidden Origins Season 1

114,939,496 Hidden Origins S01E01 Humanity's Hidden Origins.mp4
150,754,886 Hidden Origins S01E02 The Power of Gold.mp4
118,774,935 Hidden Origins S01E03 Ancient Sounds and Symbols.mp4
80,807,585 Hidden Origins S01E04 Ancient Resonance Technology.mp4
80,228,381 Hidden Origins S01E05 Modern Uses for Sacred Sound Technology.mp4
76,971,739 Hidden Origins S01E06 Out of Place Artifacts & Anomalies.mp4
52,975,127 Hidden Origins S01E07 Annunaki and South African Gold.mp4
63,294,071 Hidden Origins S01E08 Pyramids, Stone Circles and the Pineal.mp4
64,041,776 Hidden Origins S01E09 Adam's Calendar - Birthplace of Humanity.mp4
56,990,957 Hidden Origins S01E10 Stone Circles in South Africa.mp4
55,000,237 Hidden Origins S01E11 Stone Circle Circuitry.mp4
46,616,240 Hidden Origins S01E12 We are the Ones We have been waiting For.mp4
51,232,200 Hidden Origins S01E13 Transitioning to Abundance.mp4
48,355,705 Hidden Origins S01E14 Origin of Money.mp4
47,309,113 Hidden Origins S01E15 Liberation from Money.mp4
61,529,268 Hidden Origins S01E16 Implementing Ubuntu.mp4
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Directory of Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger/Season 02 The Ubuntu Workshops

186,044,928 Hidden Origins S02E01 Introduction to the Ubuntu Movement.mp4
177,207,651 Hidden Origins S02E02 The Future of Humanity.mp4
153,501,493 Hidden Origins S02E03 Trinity of Global Control.mp4
144,344,908 Hidden Origins S02E04 Sidestepping Banking Cartels.mp4
167,526,632 Hidden Origins S02E05 Embracing Unity.mp4
180,116,244 Hidden Origins S02E06 Phasing in Ubuntu.mp4
163,383,421 Hidden Origins S02E07 Unschooling from Financial Indoctrination.mp4
141,924,315 Hidden Origins S02E08 Bringing it Home.mp4
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