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Hidden Agenda - Secrets of Freemasonry ebooks archive The name Abraxas, coined by Basilides, the Egyptian Gnostic, is a word symbol consisting of seven letters which signify the seven creative powers or planetary angels recognized by the ancients. Sampson Arnold Mackey advances the theory that the name is compound- ed from two ancient words, Abir, which means a bull, and Axis, which means the pole. To substantiate his belief, he brings forward the fact that a motion of the earth, commonly called the alternation of the poles, resulted in the vernal equinox taking place at one time in Taurus, the Celestial Bull, over the North Pole. The four white horses drawing the chariot of Abraxas symbolize the four ethers by means of which the solar power, Abraxas, is circulated through all parts of the universe. The seven-lettered name of Abraxas is symbolically significant of his seven-rayed power. That the modern world has any knowledge whatever of ancient Gnostic symbolism is largely due to the cupidity of those individuals who set themselves the task of destroying every intelligible record of Gnostic philosophy; for, wishing to keep rather than destroy articles of commercial value, the fanatics preserved gems upon which Gnostic symbols were engraved. The above plate is the enlargement and amplification of a Gnostic jewel, the original stone being only a trifle over an inch in height. Rings and other articles of jewelry set with Gnostic gems were undoubtedly used by members of the cult as means of identification. As the order was a secret society, the designs were small and inconspicuous. —From The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. Artist, Augustus J. Knapp. Most youtube video about Masonry are just pure nonsense, but this is one by Walter Veith is one of the few good and well educated ones. You may choose to like or dislike the Masons, but such a choice has to be based on true knowledge, and not on deception. Any oath based on deception is nil and void, since any oath always relates to your subjective perception of reality. And no, 33 isn't the highest degree in Masonry - once again you have been fooled. video: 212 - Hidden Agendas - Total Onslaught - Walter Veith.mp4 Freemason Converts to Catholicism and Exposes Freemasonry.mp4 ebooks: Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume I - Esoteric Psychology I.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume II - Esoteric Psychology II.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume III - Esoteric Astrology.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume IV - Esoteric Healing.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume V - The Rays and the Initiations.pdf Alice A Bailey - A Treatise on White Magic.pdf Alice A Bailey - Cosmic Law 1.pdf Alice A Bailey - Cosmic Law 2.pdf Alice A Bailey - Cosmic Law 3.pdf Alice A Bailey - Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I.pdf Alice A Bailey - Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II.pdf Alice A Bailey - Education in the New Age.pdf Alice A Bailey - From Bethlehem to Calvary.pdf Alice A Bailey - From Intellect to Intuition.pdf Alice A Bailey - Glamour - A World Problem.pdf Alice A Bailey - Initiation, Human and Solar.pdf Alice A Bailey - Letters on Occult Meditation.pdf Alice A Bailey - Problems of Humanity.pdf Alice A Bailey - Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Consciousness of the Atom.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Destiny of the Nations.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Light of the Soul.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Reappearance of the Christ.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Soul and its Mechanism.pdf Alice A Bailey - The Unfinished Autobiography.pdf Beresniak - Symbols of Freemasonry.pdf Blavatsky - Caves and Jungles of Hindostan.pdf Blavatsky - Isis Unveiled.pdf Blavatsky - Key to Teosophy.pdf Blavatsky - Practical Occultism.pdf BLAVATSKY The Secret Doctrine 1342p.pdf BLAVATSKY The Secret Doctrine Vol 1 & 2.pdf BLAVATSKY The Secret Doctrine Vol 1, 2 & 3.pdf Charles Webster Leadbeater and the Inner Life.pdf Dynamics of the Psychic World - H P Blavatsky.pdf Five Books from Madame Blavatsky.pdf Global Freemasonry The Masonic Philosophy.pdf H L Haywood - Symbolical Masonry.pdf H P Blavatsky The Secret Doctrine complete 1478p.pdf History of the Masons.pdf Kenning's Masonic Encyclopaedia and Handbook.pdf Lucifer Vol X Journal from H P Blavatsky.pdf Mackey Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Vols 1 and 2.pdf Man The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries - Manly P Hall.pdf Manly P Hall - Reincarnation - The Cycle of Necessity.pdf Manly P Hall - Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins.pdf Manly P Hall - Symbolism.pdf Manly P Hall - The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff.pdf Manly P Hall - Wisdom of the Knowing Ones.pdf Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.pdf Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted - Pike, Albert, 1809-1891.pdf Mystic Masonry, or, The Symbols of Freemasonry - Buck, J. D. (Jirah Dewey), 1838-1916.pdf Orders of the Quest The Holy Grail - Manly P Hall.pdf The Lost Key - An Explanation of Masonic Symbols - Prentiss Tucker.pdf The Secret Destiny of America (1944, by Manly P Hall).pdf The Secret Teachings of All Ages.pdf The Watchtower the Masons - Fritz Springmeier.pdf Trapped in a Masonic World.pdf tags: Masons, Freemasons, secret society, symbol, occult, brotherhood
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