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Help finding Teal Swan Premium Torrent

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Help finding Teal Swan Premium Torrent

Can anyone find these files?

57GB of Teal Swan, whose demonic sexual energy I am attracted to.

I've tried googling some of the file names, hoping someone had DL'd and shared the torrent.

dublin-2016-36-r17 - Dublin_Part_3_2016.mp4
curveball-workshop-2018-part-12-r141 - Curveball_Dec_2018_-_Day_1.mp4

sexual attraction is a possibility....not hard to look at.

Found many of her books:
The Deep End (full documentary) -
Torrents for "The deep End" 2022 -
... didn't find the 2017 GAIA TV doc: "the spiritual leader was the subject of director Paola Marino’s Open Shadow: The Story of Teal Swan"
Nor Gizmodo's six-part investigative podcast about Swan, titled The Gateway.

Lot of clips and interviews of Teal -

List of "10 things you didn't know about Teal Swan" -- eg. #10 -- "She is Beloved -- While there are many who feel she is not the best source of help for anything, there are people who follow her and say that she is Jesus, that she is the best thing that ever happened to them, and that she is everything they ever needed. She has a huge following, and her followers are very much obsessed with her."

Thanks for looking!

Yeah I can probably find her books and audiobooks, thanks though.

The Deep End is great - so far 2 of 4 episodes are out.
I also have The Gateway, it's on iTunes.
"Open Shadow" would be great if anyone can find it.

I'm really interested in her premium lectures and things. I may just pay the $40/month when I have some income.

Open Shadow
nice find. anyone else on theplace? they had her stuff up

don't have the ratio over there to grab anything (lost access to seedbox and frankly the time to keep up with new stuff), but recall most of her stuff was up there.
watched first episode of "The Deep End" of the 2 that are out. interesting character.


Yes, I am there thanks to you! I don't use it a ton, but it is very useful.

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