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Hello Everyone

I have been interested in aliens, UFOs, conspiracies, secrets for as long as I can remember and have had loads of experiences and "coincidences" of meeting random people who also had experiences.

The majority of things I perceive to be true nobody seems to be talking about or writing about.

I have noticed a massive correlation between sci-fi and children's shows with what I know to be reality and am unsure as to whether the authors were in the "know" or maybe it's just that the truth has a way of being revealed.

I have always been very interested in learning about alien abductions and thought about what I might do or say to them if I was ever abducted.

Alien greys have attempted to abduct me twice in my life that I know about. I personally witnessed a girl get pulled out of our physical dimension with a couple of alien greys staring daggers at me at a bar. I have a secret invisible friend (M) who has been with me for my entire life that warns me of dangers and helps me to safety. M helped stop my first alien abduction when I was about three years old and showed me what they really looked like which I have never heard accurately described by anyone else.

The second attempted abduction was when I was 18 years old and I pulled them to pieces all by myself. I was even willing to go with them and said hello repeatedly and then threatened to hurt them if they weren't going to communicate to me. They never said a single thing so I treated them as hostile.

I call alien greys "Transformers". They show the appearance of being still and either human or an alien grey but are actually in constant motion of separating into several parts and coming together and merging into whatever shape they transform into. You cannot see this with normal eyesight or cameras. You need "psychic" vision. They are not "alive" as we know it but are robots with a little amount of individual intelligence. If anyone has ever heard of them being described this way by another person, or in a book, magazine, documentary, etc., please tell me so I can look into it.

Project Bluebeam is bullshit and there is no such thing. Anyone talking about this is a disinfo agent or has been misled by a disinfo agent. Someone I met asked me to look it up and M owed me a favor so with their help I tried to look it up and didn't find ANYTHING! This surprised me as I had heard it mentioned in several documentaries and just assumed it to be a fact.

I tried on multiple occasions to Astral Project to Area 51 and to the Moon with zero success. They are protected by some barrier. I can just reach the outer perimeter fence of Area 51 seeing their warning signs and an ugly fence with blackness behind it. I cannot force my way through the barrier - I did once and felt like I was being swallowed up by evil darkness and lost consciousness for a few moments with a really sick feeling inside of me.

Anyone is more than welcome to have adult conversations about stuff. And please don't blindly believe anything anyone says - I strongly think that everyone has an inbuilt bullshit detector and it is just a case of listening to your own heart and trusting how you feel.

Can anyone guess who M is? Only people who have secret invisible friends or aliens/demons/extradimensional beings can answer this. Hint: These beings always freak out, get scared, and RUN away when I say who my secret friend is.

Sorry about the length, hopefully this was of some value to at least somebody.

Welcome Quiteness

...and M to the freakshow


Hello. Im new here. but, not new to the TI world. I've been subjected to hell now since February of 2003.
anyway , just checking in so that my name can be counted amongst the others.


is it just me?, or does everyone else notice how exhausted you suddenly feel (beyond normal exhaustion)
starting late Thursday, or Friday mornings. beyond tired, nothing works, cant do anything but sit, and feel like crap
all weekend. cant move my body or my mind. .. then sunday . betweem 2pm and 7 pm, the electric pressure grid lock slowly begins to release your detention level ? There have been many weekends that the second my daughter walks in the door, home from school (she is in 3rd grade) she gets a fever, and flu like crap going on. No one has an exceptionally good day at this house ....ever....but especially on Friday. I don't know how many times this has to happen for anyone else to catch on to what it is. ive been targeted for a long time, I sure know what it is...hate it. It seems the more obvious it is for people to realize, or compare scenarios ....the more disconnected they are from the right here right now. dumb. insanely stupid. how is this possible? is my brain editing out my own existence and connection to the world around me? Am I thinking one thing yet not able to have others hear what I think, because completely different words are spoken? anyway, this is still Friday night to me, anyone got any good april fools day jokes?....

Try a weekend vacation

Take off somewhere. See if a change of scenery makes a difference.

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