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Harrell Rhome The Occult War (2011)

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Harrell Rhome The Occult War (2011) I want the reader to try to imagine what it would be like to believe the opposite of what we were brought up to believe. This inevitably involves an altered state of consciousness, to some degree or the other, and which is just as it should be. Because at the heart of esoteric teaching in all parts of the world lies the belief that higher forms of intelligence can be accessed in altered states. The Western tradition in particular has always emphasized the value of imaginative exercises which involve cultivating and dwelling upon visual images. Allowed to sink deep into the mind, they there do their work. Induce in yourself a different state of mind and the most famous and familiar histories mean something very different. In fact, if anything in this history is true, then everything your teachers taught you is thrown into question. I suspect this prospect doesn‘t alarm you. As one of the devotees of the ancient and secret philosophy so memorably put it: You must be mad or you wouldn‘t be here. Mark Booth, The Secret History of the World, 2008. So then, welcome to the madhouse! While some may call my book convoluted and complex, in some ways, it is relatively brief and simple. You won‘t have to read all that far before either ― clicking with the basic models and concepts presented or just closing the book and rejecting the matters I set before you. Although it may be best to read the chapters in order, if something ― leaps out at you, then by all means, read this or that piece before the others. For me, such feelings are inner spiritual instructions to pay attention and see what is actually before us. But before beginning the presentation, I must share a personal story regarding these matters. Shortly after I published several articles on freemasonry (which are chapters in this book) and was interviewed on the radio, a secondary residence where I sometimes sleep over and where I maintain an office was broken into. This was no ordinary burglary. All that was stolen were two computers, passing up other items that easily could have been sold or hocked by the burglars. This was a burglary with a clear purpose and intent. Also, my other laptop was attacked by a virus which wiped out my files, but I was lucky to have (some) backup copies available. To say the least, I considered all of this was a warning, learning very quickly that these matters not called an occult war for nothing! Given this set of circumstances, we must assume that there is something in this material that, how shall we call them, the Powers That Be, do not want you to know. So without taking up more time and space, embark with me on a journey of discovery into historiography, metaphysics and current events. Follow closely as we enter some very exciting but also rather bizarre and outré venues. Wherever your journey may have begun, welcome to our exploratory venture into the Occult War. But even more importantly, learn that the battle is essentially to circumvent the globalist New World Order secret society plans and protocols for our lives and our world. With that in mind, away we go. ebooks: Harrell Rhome The Occult War 2011.pdf - 143p. audiobook: specs: Mac computer voice Tessa South Africa, MP3, 64kbps, 4hrs 15min 02sec tags: occult, magick, esoteric, spiritual, new world order, conspiracy, illuminati, world government
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