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Hamilton's Pharmacopeia - Season 2

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Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is an American docuseries, which premiered on Viceland on October 26, 2016. The show follows Hamilton Morris as he explores the history, chemistry, and societal impact of psychoactive substances. It chronicles Morris' travels and first-hand experiences, as well as interviews with scientists, shamans, and fringe culture figures.

Season 2

1 "The Psychedelic Toad" November 28, 2017
2 "Peyote: The Divine Messenger" December 5, 2017
3 "Kratom: The Forbidden Leaf" December 12, 2017
4 "Wizards of DMT" December 19, 2017
5 "Ketamine: Realms and Realities" December 26, 2017
6 "A Clandestine Chemist's Tale" January 2, 2018
7 "A Fungal Fairy Tale" January 9, 2018
8 "The Cactus Apprentice" January 16, 2018


Everything you ever wanted from a TV show about psychedelics

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The third season premieres on January 4th 2021

wow! That's gonna be awesome! Thanks for the good news, bro :)

really enjoyed season 1
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That's awesome. There used to be headshops close to my area where you could ask for magic mushrooms behind the counter. But in recent times decriminalization and the use of psilocybin for mental health therapy has been making headlines:

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amazing store link, many thanks for sharing. have to think about how to get some of the cacti...even seeds would work.