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Hacking Your Ghost with I-Doser research pack (2014)

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Hacking Your Ghost with I-Doser research pack

I-Doser Mass-Psychosis Caused by Gate of Hades & Hand of God

In this torrent we will explore the effects of two prominent I-Doser files, what they contain, why they work, what they do, including several strange and unusual youtube videos created by people who have experienced the effects of these files. Their reaction is so unusual and severe that even the possibility of true demonic possession has to be considered.

I have never witnessed this type of reaction with people who have undergone hypnosis. Why then should subliminal suggestions have a more powerful effect? Is it the sound patterns or do these files open up your chakras making you vulnerable to demonic possession? - in these Biblical end times where we have been warned that cases of demonic possession would occur more and more often this may be a real possibility.

Binaural beats normally don't cause such weird patterns of behaviour. But maybe these guys in the videos are just play-acting, but I don't think so. I have never experienced muscular spasms from binaural beats or hemi-sync audio files, so it must be something else. Binaural beats either make you fall asleep or they will make you feel high, but no spasms will happen to you. Maybe we observe the symptoms of a severe psychological conflict here, a conflict resulting from hidden subliminal messages hacking your mind. One guy in a video said that his friend looked possessed - that's it, psychologically possessed by an alter.

The way I see this is that, basically these I-Doser files are all identical with some minor alterations as far as subliminals are concerned. The sound patterns may be very different though, both in structure and in duration. That I-Doser corporation looks rather ominous to me, and in one of their videos you cannot see the guy's face and he's even masking his voice. Let me guess: another one of those fruitful creations by CIA, just like Mind Tek.

Now, what is this all about, what does the army of the antichrist really want to achieve with these subliminals? It's about activating the wolf in man, the beast having been domesticated and suppressed by western Christian civilization. The great beast needs the many small beasts for his great endeavor of world domination, and therefore the Christian mind set has to be eradicated first, eradicated by reprogramming them. After all, someone will have to murder all of those Christians Satan wants to get rid off. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

By the way, the description of Gate of Hades below isn't fiction, it describes exactly what will happen to you - mind control disguised as entertainment. Hand of God is as wicked as Gate of Hades I'm afraid - let's hope that in reality it will be different.

Hand of God - Premium (Unexplainable) - 30 Minutes

A dose that has been a lifetime achievement for, and only held internal to I-Doser Labs for a very good reason: It isn't meant for public consumption because it is considered just too powerful. It's like the Holy One reaches from the sky, as you lay with closed eyes, and shows you the universe, everything, infinity. Only 5 people have ever witnessed the power of this dose, and it was put away in the I-Doser vault for fear of release. Fluttering eyelids, great and almost supernatural clairvoyance, rings of light and great insight, but all this comes with a price. It could also bring fear, an unknowing realization of self, and a breakdown of all senses. Weeping, fear, anger: you need to realize with such insight could come bad consequences.

Gate of Hades - Premium (Unexplainable) - 30 Minutes

Smoke of their torment. Weeping and gnashing of teeth. Death. Destruction. No rest day and night. Tormented. Their worm does not die. Expect nightmares, near death experiences, and strong onset of fear. A failure of a creation that we offer only as a premium for those who want to experience both sides. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.