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HAARP - Study Pack - with Begich, Eastlund & Tesla (2011)

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HAARP - Study Pack - with Begich, Eastlund & Tesla (2011)

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Coast to Coast AM - 04-06-10 - HAARP, Mind Effects & ESP
Host: George Noory - Guests: Nick Begich

Appearing for the full 4 hour show, lecturer on new technologies, health and earth science-related issues, Dr. Nick Begich, discussed the latest updates on HAARP technology, as well as the rapid advances in mind effects and enhancing ESP potentials. The HAARP facility in Alaska, covering many acres of land, has 180 72 ft.-tall steel antennas that are fed radio frequency energy that is concentrated and manipulated to "literally couple with the ionosphere or magnetic field lines surrounding the Earth," he explained. One of the more exotic uses of HAARP technology (as explored by the Russians) is to actually heat up the ionosphere and push it out into space, an effect that could interfere with spacecraft or incoming asteroids, Begich reported. The recent Norway Spiral looked like a coherent man-made effect that might have been visual imaging produced by a HAARP-type facility in the area, he noted. One of the capabilities of HAARP is to use electromagnetic fields to create a "frequency following response" where the human brain locks on to specific signals and begins to mirror them. Such a signal could potentially create specific emotions or manipulate behavior, he cautioned. DARPA is experimenting with electronic telepathy, and learning to read the minds of adversaries. One such method seeks to analyze emanations coming off a person's skull. At one time, independent scientists ran a very successful telepathy experiment with test subjects in different rooms, who had apparatuses attached to their heads; but their work ended up being shut down, he detailed. Begich also spoke about Tesla technology, and Dr. Bernard Eastlund's research just before his death in 2007 that involved the manipulation of gravity waves and weather.

Comment: When HAARP is being used as an earthquake-engine people often have observed an aurora borealis (colored patterns in the sky - a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the northern or southern magnetic pole) before an earthquake taking place near an affected area. This happened both before the great earthquakes in China and before the great Tsunami near Indonesia. Was there an aurora borealis near the coastline of Japan before the recent Tsunami was caused by the undersea earthquake? Are there any witnesses having sighted such an aurora borealis? On the other hand natural piezoelectric effects in the ground are said to have caused such phenomena of light too before an earthquake took place.

6) Book: Tim Swartz - Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla _ 2000.pdf

7) Text: Tesla - The US Patents of Nikola Tesla

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9) Tom Bearden - Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America _ 1985.avi

10) Robert A. Monroe - Patents

11) Book: Linda Hunt - Secret Agenda - Project Paperclip _ 1990

12) Book: Angels Don't Play This HAARP - Nick Begich.pdf

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Comment: Nick Begich is refreshingly intelligent. There is intelligent life on planet earth - at last! Some people are playing GOD with this HAARP, but having GOD-like powers without GOD-like wisdom is a dangerous combination. Technology seems to be the ultimate temptation of the flesh. Greed for power is a disease and humans will be cured from this disease by their own suffering resulting from an abuse of this technology.