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HAARP-Chemtrails WMD Exposing Spiritual Mass Mind-control (2012)

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HAARP-Chemtrails WMD Exposing Spiritual Mass Mind-control (2012)

Full Title: HAARP-Chemtrails WMD Exposing a Spiritual Mass Mind-control and Planetary Assault with Alfred Lambremont Webre

This video contains a lecture & Powerpoint delivered by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference, Los Angeles, CA on August 18, 2012

Webre's site:

comment: Webre talks slooow, but he seems honest. Webre is a very sensitive soul. Solving the chemtrail-riddle.

What is really fascinating about these chemtrails aren't chemtrails as such, but rather how the criminal elite could keep them out of public awareness. Maybe chemtrails are being used for the very mind-control operations needed to prevent people from becoming aware of them.

Some scientists may ask: Is there intelligent life in outer space? But in truth the question should be: Is there intelligent life on planet earth? Still looking...

Maybe instead of dumbing down the sheeple, the elite should rather strive for making themselves smarter. This would be a more constructive approach. Dumbing down the public to have an advantage for themselves seems like a humiliating strategy. It's as if you'd only want to have Chimpanzees as friends to always be aware of your intellectual superiority. The elite aren't that smart, but they are cunning.