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H2O: The Molecule That Made Us (2020)

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H₂O, The Molecule That Made Us is a landmark, three-part series from PBS and WGBH that tells the human story through our relationship to water. Water has been at the heart of the human story since the very beginning, and now, we face a crisis of unprecedented proportions: we can no longer take water for granted.

Water is Earth’s bloodstream and life is the result.

Where did water come from? Why is it on Earth? How does it shape nature? How did it shape us? Water is the molecule that makes Earth unique. This episode explores some of these fundamental questions.

Water is the blueprint of human civilization.

From the cradle of humanity to the great River Valley civilizations, our societies have evolved alongside water. This episode shows that our ability to harness water has enabled us to produce food, support cities and grow economies.

It urgently demands attention around the world, but it can be solved.

This episode explores the deep roots that connect water security with conflict around the world. Water is being “mined” from aquifers faster than it can be replaced. Increased economic inequality heightens the dangers of water scarcity around the world. And yet there is hope.