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Guy Finley - Keys to Entering the Celestial Kingdoms

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Guy Finley - Keys to Entering the Celestial Kingdoms

Guy Finley (born February 22, 1949) is an American self-help writer, philosopher, and spiritual teacher. He is also a retired professional songwriter and musician.

The son of late-night talk show pioneer Larry Finley, Finley grew up in the Los Angeles, California area where many of his childhood friends were the children of celebrities. At a young age, he decided to pursue a music career.He became the first white soft rock artist signed to the Motown Records label. While never achieving commercial success as a recording artist, several of his songs were recorded by popular artists including Diana Ross, the Jackson 5, and Debbie Boone in the 1970s. He also composed scores for a number of motion pictures and TV shows. In spite of this growing good fortune early in his professional life, Finley has said he still felt something was missing in his personal life. Seeking to fill this void, he abandoned his music career and left for India and the Far East in 1979 to study spiritual teachings and investigate the true nature of success through a heightened state of self-awareness.

Writing career and teachings

By the early 1980s, his search for spiritual awakening had led him back to the United States where he became a devoted student of spiritual teacher Vernon Howard for several years at the New Life Foundation in Boulder City, Nevada. In the early 1990s, with Howard's encouragement, he began a new career as an author of spiritual guidance books.

His teachings, like those of Howard, draw from many different spiritual traditions and philosophies including: Christian mysticism, various Eastern philosophies, Fourth Way and Jungian psychology.

In addition to his writing, he teaches inner-life classes at the Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon, a non-profit organization of which he is founder and director. He also hosts a monthly live call-in radio program, Guy Finley Live on, as well a weekly syndicated program, Letting Go with Guy Finley.

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