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1. Healthy Life Style Live to 120 Years - paul & patricia bragg


Thou shall respect and protect thy body as the
highest manifestation of thy life.
Thou shall abstain from all unnatural, devitalized
foods and stimulating beverages.
Thou shall nourish thy body with only natural
unprocessed, live foods, that . . .
Thou shall extend thy years in health for loving,
sharing with others and charitable service.
Thou shall regenerate thy body by the right balance
of activity and rest.
Thou shall purify thy cells, tissue and blood with
healthy foods, pure water, clean air and sunshine.
Thou shall abstain from all food when out of sorts
in mind or body.
Thou shall keep all thoughts, words and emotions
pure, calm, good, loving and uplifting.
Thou shall increase thy knowledge of Nature's Laws,
follow them, and enjoy the fruits of thy life's labor.
Thou shall lift up thyself, friends and family by obedience
to Mother Nature?s and God's Healthy, Natural Laws of Living.

You hold the miracle of miracles right now in the palm of
your hand. You have the treasure of precious life! Think what
that means to you. You are a living, breathing person! Life is
the most priceless treasure on this earth. You have that
treasure. Within you lies the mental power to be anything you
want to be! You have a reasoning, logical mind. Within your
being you have the kingdom of heaven. Find that heaven
and you have reached bliss-consciousness. You?ll have found
heaven on earth and life becomes so precious and wonderful!
If you want more health, energy and a longer life, you will
have to plan, plot and start creating, becoming and shaping
your life! Look ahead. Have firm plans for living your life.
Actually envision your future. You may change those plans
and visions, but have them you must! Your creative force deep
within you must reach out toward a brighter future if you
want to become one with the healthy flow for an exciting,
fulfilling life! Your entire mind and being will be super
energized in the process to go for your future goals and dreams.

2. The Handbook Of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies vol 1 & 2 - marilyn barrett...($170.00)

The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies is the reference tool you need to distinguish those herbal products that have been clinically tested from those for which there is little or no real evidence that substantiates or disputes their claims of efficacy. This essential volume provides a snapshot of 160 herbal products that have been tested in clinical trials. Details of the products and the clinical trials they underwent are here in an easy-to-read, at-a-glance format. Each botanical profile in The Handbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies contains a summary section (table, text and references), followed by product information and clinical trials for that particular product. An evaluation of the strength of the evidence from the trials, along with the context for therapeutics is included to give you a complete picture of each remedy and its usefulness or lack thereof.

3. Herbs and Natural Supplements: An Evidence Based Guide - By Lesley Braun,Marc Cohen 2008...($78.38)

This book presents the evidence for a large number of herbs and dietary supplements. It aims to be a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment that addresses the practical needs of healthcare professionals and can be used by members of the public. It includes information up to December 2003 and some of the chapters are written from an Australian perspective. The book is organised in three main sections. The first section provides an introduction to CM as well as to herbal medicine and clinical nutrition. The second section, the main part of the book, comprises 100 monographs ranging from Andrographis paniculata, Calendula arvensis and Camellia sinensis to Urtica dioica, vitamin C and Salix alba. Each herbal monograph contains information on common names, chemical components, main actions, clinical uses, dose ranges and safety issues. For dietary supplements information on, for example, pharmacokinetics, food sources and deficiency signs are also included. In the third section a table that outlines the possible interactions is given and for each interaction a brief explanation and recommendation is provided.

The strength of this book is clearly its focus on herbal and non-herbal dietary supplements. The focus on oral complementary medicines ensures a level of comprehensiveness that makes it a valuable tool for practitioners. The only criticism is that, although it includes a general section on evidence-based medicine, it would have been useful to have a stronger section on the methods used to collect and synthesise the information for this book. Overall, this is a user-friendly book that I can recommend to anyone who is interested in herbal and non-herbal dietary supplements.

4. Natural First Aid (A Medicinal Herb Guide) - brigitte mars 2000...($100.04)

This A-Z guide offers quick, effective, and natural first aid suggestions for common household emergencies and boo-boos. Stock your first aid kit with simple make-ahead home remedies to ensure you have the necessary supplies on hand for when accidents strike!

5. Superfruits: (Top 20 Fruits Packed with Nutrients and Phytochemicals, Best Ways to Eat Fruits for Maximum Nutrition, and 75 Simple and Delicious Recipes for Overall Wellness - Paul M. Gross 2009...($11.53)

Paul Gross, the “Berry Doctor,” gets beyond the marketing hype on superfruits. By looking at nutrient density, research support and popular appeal, Gross delivers a cornucopia of offerings that can easily enhance well-being. Further, he includes ideas to add the nutrient-rich fruits into the diet, whether via simple suggestions in the breakdown of each offering, a list of the types of products to look for in the supermarket, or by following the creative recipes. Gross enables readers to make proactive choices to enhance their own health

All fruits are NOT created equal The “Berry Doctor” reveals secrets behind nature's healthiest fruits

What would you do to increase your chances of living longer and healthier? Superfruit expert Paul Gross, Ph.D. ranks the top twenty fruits that can help you get started on a lifelong healthy diet, and he gives you the science behind each fruit's unique nutritional advantages. Eating superfruits regularly can help you look younger, lose weight, and reduce your risk of getting cancer, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes.

All fruits have some health-promoting potential, but Superfruits reveals which ones pack the most value for your well-being.

Superfruits features:
• Sidebars for each essential nutrient along with Fun Facts, Myth Busters, and Science Behind It
• Tips for the best ways to eat and shop for superfruits, including a section on how to incorporate superfruits into a Mediterranean diet
• 75 delicious recipes for smoothies, salads, desserts, and more
• Red grapes contain resveratrol, a phytochemical that shows exciting promise in the fight against premature aging, diabetes, and cancer
• Superfruit seeds from kiwis, figs, and strawberries are rich in protein, omega fats, and micronutrients
• Pasteurizing and overprocessing are the main reasons for nutrient loss in manufactured superfruit juices

5. Healing Back Pain - The Mind-Body Connection - john sarno 1991...($10.07)

This book is the successor to Mind Over Back Pain, which was published in 1984. It described a medical disorder known as the Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), which I have had reason to believe is the major cause of the common syndromes of pain involving the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks and limbs. In the years since that first publication I have further developed and clarified my concepts about how to diagnose and treat TMS, hence the necessity for this book. Over the years the increasing incidence of these pain syndromes has created a public health problem of impressive proportions. One continues to see the statistic that somewhere around 80 percent of the population have a history of one of these painful conditions. An article in Forbesmagazine in August 1986 reported that $56 billion are spent annually to deal with the consequences of this ubiquitous medical disorder. It is the first cause of worker absenteeism in this country and ranks second behind respiratory infections as a reason for a doctor visit. All this has happened in the past thirty years. Why? After a few million years of evolution, has the American back suddenly become incompetent? Why are so many people prone to back injury? And why has the medical profession proven so helpless to stem the epidemic? It is this book?s purpose to answer those and many other questions about this widespread problem. The thesis will be advanced that, like all epidemics, this one is the result of medicine?s failure to recognize the nature of the disease, that is, to make an accurate diagnosis. The plague ravaged the world because no one knew anything about bacteriology or epidemiology at the time. It may be hard to believe that highly sophisticated twentieth-century medicine cannot properly identify the cause of something so simple and common as these pain disorders but physicians and medical researchers are, after all, still human and, therefore, not all-knowing and, most important, subject to the enduring weakness of bias. The pertinent bias here is that these common pain syndromes must be the result of structural abnormalities of the spine or chemically or mechanically induced deficiencies of muscle. Of equal importance is another bias held by conventional medicine that emotions do not induce physiologic change. Experience with TMS contradicts both biases. The disorder is a benign (though painful) physiologic aberration of soft tissue (not the spine), and it is caused by an emotional process. I first appreciated the magnitude of this problem in 1965 when I joined the staff of what is now known as the Howard A. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center as director of outpatient services. It was my first introduction to large numbers of patients with neck, shoulder, back and buttock pain. Conventional medical training had taught me that these pains were primarily due to a variety of structural abnormalities of the spine, most commonly arthritic and disc disorders, or to a vague group of muscle conditions attributed to poor posture, underexercise, overexertion and the like. Pain in the legs or arms was presumed due to compression (pinching) of nerves. However, it was not at all clear how these abnormalities actually produced the pain.

6. The H andbook Of The Navigator - eric j. pepin 2004...($19.95)

Dear Friend, I am about to share something extraordinary with you. I am going to give to you answers to the secrets you have kept hidden within you for your entire life. It is a secret that even you only partially sense within yourself. You seek its truth out and push it away at the same time. You are one in fifteen thousand people. A rare kind of special, gifted people that I call a white cell, or a dimensional being, that is comparable to the term "Warrior." This is what else I can tell you about yourself: You feel a deep sense of spiritual purpose; a great need to Awaken some part of you that you already know will complete you. Most of all you feel an intense desire to connect with the Universe or God to achieve this Awakening! I can also tell you that you have searched many spiritual paths and all have born little fruit. How did you know that they were not the correct path? Was it instinct or intelligence? No, it is ancient memory within you. I call it The Navigator. It is designed to help you find your way home much like a salmon in the vastness of the ocean trying to find its source and surviving all obstacles through its course. You have this Navigator and if you choose not to connect with it, you will fail. The Navigator will lead you to your spiritual Awakening. You simply have to trust one last time. Believe this because if you do not, you will remain in this consciousness. Thought is energy and it binds your frequency; your very being. "You are not like everyone else. You are unique and greatly needed by the Universe!" This book will Awaken you now and forever. This is no ordinary book! The Handbook of the Navigator was designed as a device; a tool for your Awakening. The Handbook of the Navigator is a masterpiece of mental energies that ignites your mind. Effectively creating a multi-dimensional reality allowing a deeper consciousness within you to begin to surface! As you eagerly turn each page it delivers a sequence of thought that is similar to a key of thought frequency, unlocking a deeper truth within you! You will not find this knowledge anywhere else. For all intents and purposes this is the Holy Grail of Spiritual Awakening. It is not an ancient book or a hidden school of knowledge in Tibet or an old master deep in meditation, secluded from the world holding secret knowledge. It is much more than that. This book is a revolution in our modern times. It has been produced in the hopes it will find the "others." You need only take the chance and read its pages to understand its meaning. The power of this book will leave you forever changed! It is intelligently and rationally written for everyone to easily understand and experience its contents. May you find what you seek most in life, Eric Pepin Join the Revolution


The author or editor of numerous reference works on popular and fringe religions (e.g., The Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects, and New Religions) as well as UFOs, Theosophy, dreams, and witchcraft, Lewis (religious studies, Univ. of Wisconsin, Stevens Point) has written the first thoroughgoing study of contemporary Satanism. He treats a sensational topic without being sensationalistic, offering undergraduates and lay readers scholarly and reasonably objective assessments. Some 300 articles cover beings, symbols, religious beliefs, and popular media portrayals of Satan and hell, each with cross references and a short bibliography. Particularly interesting entries cover "backward masking," the supposed insertion of words recorded backwards on vinyl analog discs; Chick Publications, a publisher of frightening Christian tracts graphically depicting hell and damnation; and Dungeons & Dragons, the role-playing game that many parents thought led to Satanic behavior. (An article on runes, however, appears peripheral.) Lewis also discusses many films relating to Satanism but, strangely, not recent, popular demon-related television programs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A chronology traces the cultic background to modern Satanism, and appendixes of sample documents include the 1992 FBI study of "satanic ritual abuse" that stemmed accusations of such abuse. In fact, the articles on the ritual-abuse phenomenon and its ultimate debunking are worth the price of the book. Michael Newton's Raising Hell: An Encyclopedia of Devil Worship and Satanic Crime (o.p.) covers similar territory but is not as au courant and is heavier on the blood and gore. Recommended for academic and public libraries.DWilliam P. Collins, Library of Congress

8. The Origin of Satan: How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics - Elaine Pagels 1996...($10.08)

ground-breaking . . . Many times in the course of reading her explications I found myself saying, "Of course, why hasn't someone said this before?" By showing how the sectarian demonization of the "intimate enemies"--Jews and heretics--shaped early Christianity, the book helps us to understand the power of irrational forces that still need to be confronted in contemporary society. -- S. David Sperling, professor of Bible, Hebrew Union College

9. Art, Myth and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China - By K. C. Chang 1988...($20.50)

If you are a serious student of Chinese history and culture, you must own, not just read, this book. Its cross-disciplinary perspective makes it a book you will find yourself returning to on a regular basis as your own knowledge and understanding of Chinese history and culture grows. Passages once oblique or of little interest to you previously, will suddenly become the glue of new associations and insights.


BHAKTI-YOGA is a real, genuine search after the Lord, a
search beginning, continuing, and ending in Love. One
single moment of the madness of extreme love to God brings
us eternal freedom. “Bhakti,” says Nârada in his explanation
of the Bhakti-aphorisms, “is intense love to God.”—“When
a man gets it, he loves all, hates none; he becomes satisfied
for ever.”—“This love cannot be reduced to any earthly
benefit,” because so long as worldly desires last, that kind of
love does not come. “Bhakti is greater than Karma, greater
than Yoga, because these are intended for an object in view,
while Bhakti is its own fruition, its own means, and its own
Bhakti has been the one constant theme of our sages.
Apart from the special writers on Bhakti, such as Shândilya
or Nârada, the great commentators on the Vyâsa-Sutras,
evidently advocates of Knowledge (Jnâna), have also
something very suggestive to say about Love. Even when
the commentator is anxious to explain many, if not all, of the
texts so as to make them import a sort of dry knowledge, the
Sutras, in the chapter on worship especially, do not lend
themselves to be easily manipulated in that fashion.

11. RAJA YOGA - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA 2003...($10.80)

SINCE the dawn of history, various extraordinary phenomena
have been recorded as happening amongst human beings.
Witnesses are not wanting in modern times to attest the fact
of such events, even in societies living under the full blaze of
modern science. The vast mass of such evidence is
unreliable, as coming from ignorant, superstitious, or
fraudulent persons. In many instances the so-called miracles
are imitations. But what do they imitate? It is not the sign
of a candid and scientific mind to throw overboard anything
without proper investigation. Surface scientists, unable to
explain the various extraordinary mental phenomena, strive
to ignore their very existence. They are, therefore, more
culpable than those who think that their prayers are answered
by a being, or beings, above the clouds, or than those who
believe that their petitions will make such beings change the
course of the universe. The latter have the excuse of
ignorance, or at least of a false system of education in their
childhood, which has taught them to depend upon such
beings for help, and this dependence has no become a part of
their degenerate nature. The former have no such excuse.
For thousands of years such phenomena have been
investigated, studied, and generalised, the whole ground of
the religious faculty of man has been analysed, and the
practical result is the science of Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga does
not, after the unpardonable manner of some modern
scientists, deny the existence of facts which are very difficult
to explain; on the other hand, it gently, yet in no uncertain
terms, tells the superstitious that miracles and answers to
prayers, and powers of faith, though true as facts.

12. vivekananda a biography - swami nikhilananda 1953...($13.24)

An absorbing biography of Swami Vivekananda (1863 - 1902) that presents his vast knowledge of Eastern and Western culture, deep spiritual insight, brilliant conversation, broad human sympathy, and colorful personality. Swami Vivekananda, India's first spiritual and cultural ambassador to the West, proclaimed the universal message of Vedanta: the non-duality of the Godhead, the divinity of the soul, the oneness of existence, and the harmony of religions. This 256 page book details the life of Swami Vivekananda and contains 28 photographs, as well as, an appendix containing the Swami's most important teachings.

13. Complete Works Of Swami VIVEKANANDA (HTML)

A huge collection of all the books, lectures, letters, and poetry of Swami Vivekananda in 9 volumes

14. Introduction to esoteric astrology - By Bepin Behari 1975...($297.28)

Basic principles of astrology are explained in an easy to read and easy to understand format. The Latent potentials of each individual are revealed astrologically and orientations needed to overcome personal difficulties indicated in every case. The book suggests a synthesis between predictive astrology, remedial measures and yogic discipline. (with Diagrams, Illustrations and Tables and includes Glossary and Bibliography)Contents: Preface; Introduction; I. Aspects of Esoteric Astrology; II. The Meaning of the Zodiacs; III. Planetary Influences; IV. Wider Scope of Astrology; V. Glossary; VI. Select Bibliography; VII. Index.

15. Full Facts Book of Cold Reading - Ian Rowlands

This is the only Cold Reading book endorsed by Derren Brown, and the one which provided all the source material for one of Derren's earliest TV appearances. So if you want the real work, this is the book.

So what's all the fuss about?
Cold Reading is the most powerful inter-active psychological technique in the world. It is useful in selling, business negotiations, interviews, presentations and even romance! If you want to influence what another person thinks and feels about you, cold reading is the most effective technique in the world.

Cold reading is also often used by people who pretend they give 'psychic' readings, and it enables them to give 'amazingly accurate' readings to complete strangers. Read more about What is cold reading?.

I have given more test conditions demonstrations that cold reading works than anyone else in the world. On a BBC documentary, two women said my readings were "99.9%" and "95%" accurate! See Demonstrations under test conditions. In my demonstrations, I always tell the truth in the end so that no-one is left thinking I'm really psychic.

This is the definitive book on cold reading. It explains everything there is to know about this limitless technique! How can you apparently tell complete strangers about names, dates and events that mean something to them? In business, how can you seemingly get inside the mind of every lead, customer, client, colleague and rival? This book explains all, and is the most authoritative ever written on the subject.

16. Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 3 Volume Set - Glenn D. Considine 2008...($396.00)

The new, three-volume Tenth Edition contains articles contributed by industry experts and scholars worldwide. It comprises more than 10,000 entries and features hundreds of completely rewritten and re-referenced articles, as well as 2,500 completely new entries covering emerging technologies affecting genetics, global warming, communications, informatics, nanotechnology, and more. Internet references and print references have been updated and expanded to reflect the editors' conviction that modern students and researchers move from link to link as well as from page to page.

17. 692 Ways to Save Money

This new e-book will show you how to save money on.. Fuel expenses, Heating costs, Telephone bills, Auto repairs, Electricity bills, Grocerys, Medical bills, Clothing and much, much more.

18. Gurus In America - Thomas A. Forsthoefel, Cynthia Ann Humes 2005...($25.95)

A fascinating look at Hindu gurus with significant followings in the United States.

From the Publisher
Gurus in America provides an excellent introduction to the guru phenomenon in the United States, with in-depth analyses of nine important Hindu gurus—Adi Da, Ammachi, Mayi Chidvilasananda, Gurani Anjali, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Osho, Ramana Maharshi, Sai Baba, and Swami Bhaktivedanta.

All of these gurus have attracted significant followings in the U.S. and nearly all have lived here for considerable periods of time. The book’s contributors discuss the characteristics of each guru’s teachings, the history of each movement, and the particular construction of Hinduism each guru offers. Contributors also address the religious and cultural interaction, translation, and transplantation that occurs when gurus offer their teachings in America. This is a fascinating guide that will elucidate an important element in America’s diverse and ever-changing spiritual landscape.

19. Mastering Hypnosis

The book is ours. The applause will be yours. If you're interested in mastering the art and science of stage hypnosis, we're confident you'll find no better guide available today.

This insightful, how-to guide will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in this fascinating and lucrative field - from how to hypnotize both individuals and groups to the closely-guarded professional techniques used to deepen hypnosis and maximize the power of hypnotic suggestions.

20. Invented Knowledge: False History, Fake Science and Pseudo-Religions - Ronald H. Fritze 2009...($19.77)

Were the Chinese the first to discover America in 1421? Did Jesus and Mary Magdalene have children together? Did extraterrestrials visit the earth during prehistory and teach humans how to build pyramids and stone structures? These are only a few of the controversial and intriguing questions that Ronald H. Fritze investigates in Invented Knowledge.

This incredible exploration of the murky world of pseudo-history reveals the proven fact, the informed speculation, and the pure fiction behind lost continents, ancient super-civilizations, and conspiratorial cover-ups—as well as the revisionist historical foundations behind religions such as the Nation of Islam and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. Drawing on the best scholarship available, Fritze shows that in spite of strong, mainstream historical evidence to the contrary, many of these ideas have proved durable and gained widespread acceptance. As the examples in Invented Knowledge reveal, pseudo-historians capitalize on and exploit anomalies in evidence to support their claims, rather than examining the preponderance of research as a whole.

From Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to 10,000 B.C., the sensationalist topics of pseudo-history captivate audiences and permeate popular culture. Invented Knowledge offers many entertaining and enthralling examples of spurious narratives, artificial chronologies, and ersatz theories in a book guaranteed to intrigue, open eyes, and spark conversation among readers—skeptics and believers alike.

21. Frabato the Magician - Franz Bardon 1996...($19.95)

Frabato The Magician is the introductory volume (of a series of 4 books) of the only complete course in Hermetics (Alchemy), which is also commonly called the path of perfection or purification. Frabato The Magician introduces the reader to the spiritual world while still walking on earth. Very few are aware of the fact that what can be accomplished in one day earth takes a thousand days in the spiritual world.

Frabato The Magician takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the spiritual world and also behind the veil of a world that exists here on earth, of which most people are completely unaware. This book is the autobiography of Franz Bardon, one of the 20th century's greatest adepts. You will read about powerful and evil organizations and how futile their struggle is against goodness. The reader will learn the kind of methods which are employed by the evil forces to reach their goals and how an entire organization is completely powerless when it comes ! up against a single man who is a Master of Hermetics.

Many examples are given as to the abilities of such an initiate, whereas in the subsequent volumes step by step instructions are given of these seemingly unbelievable feats. Once the reader knows how these feats are accomplished, it seems very simple. However, in order to become a master it requires many years of great dedication.

The author also explains the reasons why the Mysteries were revealed and why Divine Providence gave him the task of publishing them. In actuality the complete series of Franz Bardon's books are the Holy Mysteries (or Egyptian Mysteries) as depicted in the Bible, and which Christ taught to His disciples. In ancient Egypt the Holy Mysteries were taught to a privileged few by the high priests. As such, the Mysteries are now no longer a mystery, since they are available to everyone.

22. Viridarium Umbris: The Pleasure Garden of Shadow - Daniel A. Schulke 2005...($650.00)

An extensive grimorium of Wortcunning, or herb-magic, the Pleasure-Garden treats of the secret knowledge of trees and herbs as delivered by the Fallen Angels unto mankind. The book's principal concerns are the sorcery and gnosis of the Greenwood, as arising from the varied luminaries of the Eternal Gardens of the Arte Magical. As a grimoire of Spiritual Botany, the Book is a Hortus Conclusus of text and image intended for the indwelling of these plant-spirits. The work encompasses magical practices, formulae, and mystical exegesis, all treating the respective arcana of Nature-Spirits and the powers of individual plants. Magical foci are on devotion, purity, humility, silence, solitude, and the hieros-gamos of wortcunner and plant as a tutelary relationship, in conjunction with the Mysteries of Cain, first tiller of the soil. The whole is intended as a textual reification of occult herbalism within the context of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition.