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Grey Wolf - Mustafa Kemal -- An Intimate Study of a Dictator (H.C. ARMSTRONG)

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Title: Grey Wolf: Mustafa Kemal*: An Intimate Study of a Dictator [Fourth Edition, January 1933]
Author: ARMSTRONG, Harold Courtenay, 1891-1943.
Publisher: Arthur Barker, Limited, London

* Atatürk, Kemal, 1881-1938 (Mustafa Kemal):

Study of
Cruel, Bitter, Iron-Willed,
Overthrew the Sultan
in 1908
Battered the British Empire off Gallipoli
in 1915
Chased the Greeks into the Sea at Smyrna
in 1922
Harried the Victorious Allies out of
in 1923
Destroyed the Power of the Caliph
in 1924
Hanged the Entire Opposition
in 1926
by 1932
Had made out of a crumbling empire

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