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Greta Thunberg's Doom Debunked - Keeping Our Cool [1080p]

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Greta's Doom Debunked - Keeping Our Cool
- Climate Discussion Nexus, 03 January 2021

Activists say "panic!" But as Dr. John Robson explains, mainstream science, including the UN's IPCC working groups, actually says "Don't panic!" Far from the supposed consensus that man-made climate change is an urgent crisis, there is a great deal of uncertainty about what is happening as well as what might be going to happen, and thus there are far more sensible strategies to prepare for an uncertain future than shutting down our economies based on misrepresentations of "the science".

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the global warming scam, the deconstruction of the West's energy production, including nuclear energy as a result of Fukushima which they did with HAARP, and the replacement of the entire infrastructure with the new "green" things that the same corporate sh*t people will sell you who have been selling you the oil so far, is just another ploy of the type of iphone 50 when there's nothing wrong with your iphone 49 but they just need to sell more, sell "new and better", make profit. the politicians do the "green" deals only with their corporate pals who have a share in the green company and in the end its just another scam to suck out tax-payer money out of the government into the corporations, out of the poor into the rich.
and its at the top of their priorities being one of the most lucrative scams they currently have going: