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The Great Deception: Questioning 9/11 [Barrie Zwicker] (January 2002)

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Barrie Zwicker was the first mainstream journalist to publicly question the events of 9/11 - way back in January 2002. At the time he was a host of a news program on a Canadian speciality cable channel called Vision TV. For several weeks running he dedicated a commentary segment at the end of each show to questioning the official story.

Anticipating a huge negative backlash to Zwicker's statements, Vision TV decided to air the segments anyway. The response was indeed huge, but very surprisingly to them, over 99% positive!

Sadly, most in the 9/11 truth movement aren't even aware how much of a pioneer Zwicker and Vision TV were. I intend to rectify that by posting this torrent. If you haven't seen this, you owe it to yourself to do so now.

This is all six segments combined into one video. Enjoy this blast from the past by the 9/11 unsung pioneer, Barrie Zwicker.



This has to be one of my favourites. I watched these live as they were aired, and admired the huge balls of steel on Barrie. Too bad nobody knows who he is...

It was very uplifting to have someone in the mainstream media sharing my beliefs at the time. Believe me, 9/11 sceptics were pretty rare in the war fever aftermath of 9/11!