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The Great American PSY-OPERA (2011)

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The Great American PSY-OPERA (2011)

created by Alexander "Ace" Baker

This series of videos examines the outrageous conspiracy theories propagated by the Bush government and the corporate controlled media whores. Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories. Furthermore it fully corroborates the nuclear theories put forth by Dimitri Khalezov. The term "Psy-Opera" stands for "PSYchological OPERAtion" - the psychological warfare operation done by the illuminati against the group-mind of the American people. But what caused the collapse - was it nano-thermite or was it a mini-nuke? It was both of them - or maybe a type of high-energy scalar weapon. The corporate controlled media liars called Ace "clinically insane" giving him much credibility IMHO. At last we have found one decent musician whose soul won't go to hell. With sophisticated software Ace proves that there were no airplanes - it was a masonic magic trick.


01 - Broken News.m4v
02 - The Official Story vs. The Truth Movement.m4v
03 - Scholars for 9_11 Truth.m4v
04 - Phenomena.m4v
05 - Legally Challenged.m4v
06 - What Planes_.m4v
07 - The Key.m4v
08 - The Psy-Opera.m4v

duration: approx. 35 min. each