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The Grand Unified Theory of Howard Bloom (2020)

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Howard Bloom has had a fruitful and fulfilling life as a successful music publicist for Michael Jackson, Prince, Joan Jett, Run DMC, and Aerosmith. In 1988, he was afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome which kept him bedridden for 15 years. He still takes 30 pills a day but is able to devote himself to his work on exploring evolutionary psychology and the role of humanity in the universe.

Bloom believes that the central question of humanity is, "What does the universe want from you and me?" He has written seven books and maintains his energy by breaking his eight-hour day into two four-hour shifts: from 11 am to 3 pm, and from 4 am to 8 am.

Now in his seventies, Bloom runs several online discussion groups and has already found a successor who will handle his intellectual legacy, a masterwork with 9,000 chapters and a 500-page index. It is very gratifying to learn from this documentary that this productive philosopher has found a soulmate to carry on his work!