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Graham Hancock - "Monuments to Life"

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Comment"Monuments" (1997, Leeds University) makes the case that a prior mariner civilization from Antarctica seeded the Egyptian and "Olmec" civilizations. The headdress of the Egyptian pharaohs is found on South American statues. Similarly, the Egyptian high-prowed boat design is found in South America. Concerning the Antarctica claim: *a map collated from prior maps in the 1500 by one Piri Reis, 300 years before the West even "discovered" Antarctica, shows a deglaciated northern Antarctic coastline, replete with river deltas... *as well as another map showing Antarctica as TWO large ice-free islands,* confirmed by 1950s tomography... (*Lemuria and Atlantis, anyone?) *and Charles Hapgood's "Earth-Crust Displacement Theory," which holds that the southern continent was not always located at the south pole... *and themes emerging from comparative mythology telling of a oncoming "great freeze" What might lie beneath the two-miles thick ice-sheet covering Antarctica? ------------- This video was obtained from the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library ( on VHS, played on a VCR into a DVD-recorder, extracted from DVD and transcoded to MPEG by the Linux program Avidemux, which did not suffix ".mpg," so I did. Jerit Adamson Fourman Ashland, Oregon August 21, 2008 in the future for more videos Coming soon to Conspiracy Central: "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock, with a very spirited (and at times heated!) post-lecture, audience-participation Egyptology discussion featuring Robert Bauvall, John Anthony West, and a very unpopular apologist making excuses for why the Egyptian government is so bent on obstructing very important archeology. "Fingerprints" is less about Hancock's book bearing the same name and more about the spiritual implications of all this paradigm-shattering research. This video, like "Monuments," features the slide-photography of Hancock's wife, Santha.
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