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The Gospel & the Zodiac: The Secret Truth About Jesus (2007)

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Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Ancient & Controversial Knowledge, Astrology, History
Publisher: Overlook Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 071563691X
ISBN-13: 978-0715636916
Format: PDF

Who was Jesus Christ? Did he exist?

For millennia, the world has been driven by the differences between the great patriarchal religions.

Western civilization - or Christendom, as it was once called - got its values and its confidence from a belief in God, the father, and Jesus, his only son.

But what if this conviction were founded on an error?

Who is the man in the factually inconsistent Gospel stories?

And who is the man who makes a brief appearance carrying a jar of water?

This extraordinary study suggests that Jesus never existed historically; he was in fact a representation of the zodiac sign, Aquarius.

The Reverend Darlison demonstrates that all the other signs are present too, in perfect zodiacal order.

The Gospel story is not the product of historians or eyewitnesses, but an older, mystical text produced by an ancient, esoteric school as a guide to the Age of Pisces.