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gone full circle

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gone full circle

Were does one begin to fight back? Seriously? 7days from now ConCen (short for Conspiracy Central) was launched as a torrent tracker only. Wanting input Into the edification of like minded folks I launched the forum. This was done before Facebook, Twitter inter alia even existed, or if such sites did they were a drop in the ocean. The tracker had about 40k members, and perhaps another 9k on the forum. Then came Facebook, YouTube and the like. Forums were dying and perhaps still are. The "webs", in modern parlance have changed.

I remember the joy at how (back then) ConCen was a community, but the joy wasn't from "community" but rather us "truthers" felt we were edifying innumerable people to the "NWO"., We felt like we were making a difference. . And then there was Facebook. But before it, the "great awakening" was on the horizon.

Today's dumbfucks following us can't even conjure the word and can only come up with "woke"

Recently, FB ex-staff (if I recall) ADMITTED their entire psychological TRAP was playing on EGOS for "likes". I too fell into this trap in a FB group. I'd log in to FB and check for "likes". Pure ego in retrospect. A psychological trap it was/is.

We've been led in an I (as in ME) world, with 'I' pods and 'I' phones etc. IMHO we have embraced technology to unprecedented levels of narcissism. I have been equally guilty. No more. It's been about 4 years since realizing this and deleting my Spybook account.

Today, what once fought against the " NWO", using Infowars for ONLY an example, now writes mostly about Muslims, Immigration and "Feminism" whatever the fuck that even means today. Did the NWO cease to exist or did we truthers lose focus?

I see it as both. And we need to return to our roots.

TPTB, (social-media wise) are out to silence ALL DISSENTING OPINIONS. Shadow-bans, deleted accounts, demonitized accounts and the like. Are we warriors or are we cucks? To borrow a phrase from Obozo's '08 election campaign, NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

If YouTube inter alia want to shut us down; take YOUR videos down; take the TRUTH down, let us TAKE BACK, repeat, TAKE BACK that WHICH is OURS, repeat, OURS, and return to our UNSTOPPABLE BitTorrent ROOTS.

Mike Smith,
Calgary, Alberta