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God's chosen people, the ADAMIC WHITE RACE.

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God's chosen people, the ADAMIC WHITE RACE.

Once upon a time, as a self-professing Christian; still am; I used to believe that bullshit put forth by the likes of Joseph Farah ( world net daily), a few tele-evangelicals and whatnot. That JEWS were God's elec.t I had an awakening, an epiphany as it were from a friend of friend through FB links. Basically, what I read, and then prayed about, looked into turned my Christianity on ITS HEAD. But basically JEWS were God's elect. NOT!

It goes right back to the Book of Genesis. In Gen Chapter 1 v27, God said, let us make MAN ( sorry gender-fluids) in OUR image and in OUR likeness). Male AND Female created He THEM. AND....AND God saw that THEY were (keyword here).GOOD!

Good they were I suppose.

HOWEVER, God made a NEW man for a special purpose. To TILL THE GROUND . Adam ( THE ADAWM...Hebrew word for a reddish or ruddy complexion. Here in Canadastan in -30c winters, Blacks, Asians and whatnot DO NOT get rosy cheeks, NOR HAVE I EVER SEEN ONE BLUSH. Adawm means to show BLOOD IN THE FACE, a trait no other race possesses! .I don't give a shit if it's minus 30 Celsius, nips don't get rosy cheeks, nor blacks.

Special man, unique purpose.

My point as a Christian IS NOT RACIAL DISHARMONY with other races (except Jews)

My point is this. In Gen1 God created the OTHER races and saw that THEY WERE GOOD. In Gen2 God created Adam, a WHITE MAN with the ability to show BLOOD in the FACE.

Moving along a few chapters, Eve is SEDUCED (that's what is SAYS in the Hebrew) by Satan.

God calls Satan, Adam and Eve to account. God says he will put ENMITY betwixt HER SEED and Satan's seed. The Bible CLEARLY says Eve will have a seedline ( offspring) ad will Satan!

Cain and Able are born, one murders the other, NEITHER OF WHICH Adam claims to be his OWN.

It is NOT UNTIL Seth is born does Adam FINALLY say He's begotten a man IN HIS OWN LIKENESS AND IMAGE.

The Bible CLEARLY stated Eve is to have a SEEDLINE as is to Satan.

So in a nutshell, Satan and Eve have twins, one murders the other, and ONLY UPON SETH does Adam acknowledge HIS seed, or offspring.

If this is true, WHO IS the seed of Satan?. Who promotes everything ungodly? Like gay marriage? Like gay pride? Feminism? White male "toxicity"? Pornography?

It sure the hell isn't Eskimos! And if I were to name names, it would sound like an invitation list to a Bar Mitzvah!

For more info, checkout YT for vids on "Adam not the first man"... watch, pray, draw your own conclusions.

And if you're too stupid for the sake of your own Salvation to do that, dwell for a moment on the parable of the WHEAT AND THE TARES and let CHRIST ALMIGHTY speak to your heart HIMSELF! !!!!!!!!!

God's chosen people, the ADAMIC WHITE RACE.

Have a listen to 'Classic Comparet Archives on Eurotalkradio - this guy is answering many questions one may have on this subject.

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