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Gnostic Theurgy

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1. What is Gnosis
2. The Alpha Event.
3. Dimensions and Worlds.
4. The Multi-Dimensional Nature of Man.
5. Conditional Immortality and Reincarnation.
6. The Nature of the Psyche.
7. The Physic Centres in Man.
8. Introduction to the Kabbalah.
9. Esoteric Alphabets.
10. The Secrets of the Solar Sphere.
11. What is Transfiguration.
12. Gnostic Psychogenesis
13. The Role of Ritual and Ceremony.
14. The Power of Thought
15. Psychic Self Defense.
16. Yuga’s, Ages and Aeons.
17. Our Gnostic Heritage
18. The Changing of the Guard.
19. The New Man"