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The Gnostic Handbook (2000)

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1 What is Gnosticism ?
Gnosticism as a form of Perception, the Source of our Tradition, Gnosticism and
other Ways of Knowing, Esotericism and Modern Language.
2 The Great Chain of Being
Flatland, the Traditional Model of the Universe, the Axis Mundi and the Sacred
Tree, Characteristics of the Traditional Model, the Neo-Platonic Cosmos, Theosophical
and Modern Maps, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Yggdrasil:the World Tree.
3 First Principles
Who or What is God ? What’s in a Name ? The Pleroma, the Divine Will, Logos
and Sophia, what about Jesus ? Jesus, Christ and Logos, what is Sophia, the polarity
of the God and Goddess, Impersonal to Personal, the Solar Logos:Christ, Gods
and Spirits, the Seven Spirits (Logoii), the Seven Planes, the Earth and the Underworld,
the Immortals.
4 The Secret of Saturn
The Secret of Saturn, Perceptional Dualism, the Watchers of Enoch, Archons, Dominions
and Thoughts that run Wild, the Battle Within, Summary:the Nature of
Evil in Gnosticism.
5 The Gnostic Concept of Time
The Gnostic Concept of Time (Yugas), Historical Models of Cyclic Time, Rene
Guenon and Julius Evola and Evola and "The Revolt against the Modern World".
6 The Gnostic View of Time II
The Great Year, Egyptian Star Gnosis and heraldic cycles.
7 The Continuum of the Gnosis
The Gnostic Identity Message, Origins, the Israel Connection, El, Yahweh and Reconsidering
the Bible, the Sacred Serpent, Israel on the World Stage, the Druid
Connection, the Essene Link, the Essenes, Jesus and the Foundations of Gnosticism,
the Gnostic
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The Gnostic Handbook Page 3
8 Conditional Immortality and Reincarnation
The Aim of Life, the Bible and Reincarnation, the Mechanism of Reincarnation,
Heaven and Hell, Hell on Earth and What is Heaven.
9 The Mystery of Deification
What is the Aim of this Spiritual Process ? The Nature of Theosis, the Mystery, to
be Born Again, the Nature of Transfiguration, the Two Paths, the Mysteries and
the Mystery of the Melchisedek Priesthood.
10 The Seven Stages of Salvation
First Steps:Repentance, First Steps:Detachment and Controlled Awareness, First
Steps:Study, Conviction and Emotion, Faith and Education, Baptism, Initiation,
The Anointing and Living the Life of a Gnostic:Overcoming The Dialectic System
and Life on the Path
11 The Secret Way
Celestial Transfiguration, Going Beyond the Law, the Parfait, Wisdom from India,
The Secret of the Qadesh and the Bridal Chamber
12 Restoring the Bible
Restoring the Bible, What about the Old Testament ? Bible Narratives, Multiple
Levels of Truth and Continuing Revelation,
13 The Gnostic Apostolic Church
Churches and Temples, The Use of Ritualism, The Monastic Life, The Gnostic
Tradition: A Brief history of the Church, The Role and Purpose of the Gnostic Apostolic
Church, Membership and Priesthood, Sacraments of the Church and Conclusion."