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The Global Zombie-Pandemic - Just Fun or Dead Serious (2012)

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The Global Zombie-Pandemic - Just Fun or Dead Serious (2012)

Don't worry, it's just some kids having fun.


Oh, but it's just Halloween... Halloween in Germany and France? Halloween is a typically American thing. How and by what means exactly has German culture been infected by this ominous ritual?

Halloween happens on the night of October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costume and solicit candy or other treats door-to-door. If you're a Christian then you should not participate in that ritual.

Remember that ominous law in US-Congress mentioning zombies? I had posted that video clip some time ago.

What the fuck is going on here?

Remember how they tried to cover up the real crop circles by creating false ones so they could debunk the real ones as false ones too?

Remember the strange zombie-attacks by probably real zombies allegedly due to "bath salts".

If you think so many strange events coincide by chance, then think again.

Just imagine for a moment that there are real zombies out there and they wanted to cover up that fact by creating a flood of false zombies. Now the minds of the people have been pre-conditioned, and each time they see a real zombie they'll think "oh, don't worry, it's just a joke".

Do you remember the cases of real UFO sightings where the military had sent up jet-fighters dropping flares so they could debunk the real UFOs as a military exercise with flares?

Or maybe this strange zombie-thing is a test run for mind control. Remember that everything you can hear and see is being crafted by the elite: The movies, the DVDs, the video games, the music industry, the magazines and the journals.

Remember the millions of subliminal messages they have been implanting in people's minds for maybe fifty years with the help of these media. What kind of messages have been implanted there? Maybe the desire to play being a zombie "for fun".

Now, this may just be a test run to see how many of those conditioned people may be triggered at will and are ready for the heavier stuff coming next.

What other forms of mental conditioning may be triggered? With a second trigger this game may easily turn into the real stuff. For example these mind-controlled people may soon use real knives killing real people. This shift from fun to the real stuff may not even become aware to these fun-zombies.

These people have the desire to play being a zombie, but they don't realize that this desire may be the outcome of real mind control, and therefore these people actually are zombies without ever realizing it - not zombies in the biological sense, but zombies in the sense of people being under mind control.

Let's say you have been mind-controlled to make you join the army. How will this mind control manifest in your awareness? You'll just feel like joining the army, but you won't know why. And you won't realize that this desire is the outcome of an external manipulation, you'll believe that it's your own inner idea. Just like these people believe it's their own idea to want to play being a zombie.

Maybe they will kill people next "just for fun". Mind control may easily prevent them from realizing the difference between a game and the real stuff.

Just remember those simulators jet-fighter pilots use during their training to destroy virtual targets. Later in a real war there will be a shift from the virtual to the real, but the learned behavior will be the same. Under mind control the virtual is made to be perceived and accepted as the real and therefore will affect people's attitudes and behavior as if it was real. The controlled mind may easily be made to forget the difference between what is serious and what is just a game.

Therefore laughing about these kids as children just having some fun may well turn out to be a deadly mistake.

Remember that most Hollywood movies are just fiction, but fiction does have a very real effect on people's beliefs and attitudes in real life. Therefore in the realm of mind control the borderline between the real and fiction is in imagination only. Real is what you believe to be real, and fiction is what you believe to be fiction - but isn't any belief just fiction, just imagination? Real is what you imagine being real und unreal is what you imagine being unreal.

And even if this zombie-phenomenon was just a recent lifestyle-trend, then why are the corporate media supporting and propagating this trend in such a massive way? Remember that most of Western culture is and always has been purely synthetic and manufactured by the illuminati-controlled media. Trends may simply be created by using conventional role-models. Teenagers have such an urge to imitate role models while still being moldable and in search of their own identity.

You know, I'm a very funny person and I laugh lot, but I can find nothing funny about these zombies, even if there's nothing serious behind it.

I guess this manufactured trend may also be an unconventional way of the illuminati telling us what zombies the sheeple really are. Or is it all a bad omen for what may happen to us in the near future? After a bio-warfare attack that's how these fools will really look like.

But maybe this zombie-phenomenon is just the outcome of an utterly perverted and decadent society in its final stages. Instead of doing anti-elite walks they're doing zombie-walks. Always keep the sheeple occupied with some nonsense to prevent them from doing something of value and meaning.

Be as it may, there's nothing holy and sane about these zombie-walks.

Are zombies funny? No. Are zombies cool? No. Are zombies sexy? No. So what's the point?


1) zombie walks happening more or less at the same time in many different places all over the globe

2) Hollywood zombies

3) a weird zombie experiment

4) this torrent includes my former zombie-torrent with the ominous US-Congress zombie-law (zombie apocalypse demon possessed 2012.mp4)

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!"