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Glen Kealey interviewed by the Great Joe Blow

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The Joe Blow Conspiracy Show - 090315 - Gossip, Opinions, History, News

1. JoeBlow is joined by his regular Co-host Maggot and interviews Glen Kealy, the man whose work Alan Watt stole all of his "research" from.

2. Topics discussed:

* Alan Watt is a thief and strip miner of other people's research.
- To this day, AW still hasn't given any credit to GK and is in it only for the money.
- GK created the Kealy Papers to share the "code" he discovered.
- Jordan Maxwell is another money-grubber who harrassed GK.
- Alex Jones is involved in the manufacturing of hermaphroditic slaves.
- Gary "the Spaceman" Bell is a member of the system and not a truthteller.
- GK denies that he's a Troglodyte or anyway connected to Troglodyte Freemasonry.

* GK starts talking crazy shit about some weird ass bullshit.
- The Elites write secret messages in Desdemona font.
- The Moho Discontinuity is where the Troglodytes live.
- An accident at a particle accelerator will destroy the Northern Hemisphere, except for Canada and China.
- Explains the history of the Troglodytes and how they are actually Neanderthals.
- Hermaphrodites are being created, man on outside with women inside and vice versa, JoeBlow asks if AW's one of those.
- Poland is the headquarters of the World Conspiracy.
- His alcoholism wasn't his fault, they changed his programming.
- The Sufis fund AW, and sent him to drain GK of his wonderful knowledge.
- JoeBlow asks if AW has ever been inappropiately attraced to his own dog, GK says no and that AW's first wife was the daught of the Vice-President of a Scottish Bank.
- Farm animals speak to him.
- People should over-stand rather than under-stand things.
- Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are pawns.

* JoeBlow and Maggot laugh behind GK's back about how stupid he is.