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A gift for Pax

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A gift for Pax

I know how much Pax loves Marmite, so I got him some of this:


and I mean NO NO NO NO!!
marmite is just plain fucking wrong!
it's the foulest of shit pastes from satan's anus!
you are a bad man!
who in the name of holy flying fuckery would use that shit?

Oh dear what shall we do?

There's a TV crew showing up ready to shoot a few adverts as part of a seven figure emdorsement deal. I believe the shoots involve nubile nymphomaniacs irresistably drawn by the lure of Marmite lovers with their sparkling Marmite enhanced teeth. Perhaps when they show up you can let them know all about your sudden change of attitude regarding the greatest substance ever created...

I love that shiat!

I love that shiat!


I dunno.. it sounds like you are just trying to make corprophilia/phagia sound acceptable or they are!!!
Not on my watch!
I've seen southpark and know to be very wary of those videos!
I bet they are gonna make them in Germany eh?
even as a spoof viral marketing idea it's STILL planting the idea of shit eating faecal freakery I tell you!
it's anal-linguistic programming.. that's what it is!

Corprophilia <- I like it

The love of corporations transcends all!!
As for anal-linguistic programming, there are a few more experts on that than we really need.

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