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The Gerson Therapy - Healing "Incurable" Illness

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The Gerson Therapy - Healing "Incurable" Illness - roflcopter2110 [WWRG]

Volume 1 - Overview and Patient Testimonials MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 1h 38min 640 x 424
Volume 2 - The Gerson Therapy at Home MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 1h 45min 640 x 424
Volume 3 - Gerson Therapy Food Preparation MP4 - roflcopter2110 [WWRG].mp4 - 1h 40min 640 x 424

Volume 1: Overview and Patient Testimonials Charlotte Gerson presents the history and theory of The Gerson Therapy.

She describes Dr. Max Gerson's life and his development of the Gerson Therapy.

Additionally, it discusses in depth the basic principles of deficiency and toxicity, and other topics include the chemistry of the body and the body's innate healing mechanism.

Inspiring testimonies from healed patients demonstrate some of the extraordinary recoveries achieved with The Gerson Therapy.

Volume 2: The Gerson Therapy at Home Charlotte Gerson provides practical information and guidance for those who are using the Gerson Therapy principles at home.

Recorded live at one of the Gerson Institute’s educational seminars, it includes four hours of information, resources, common pitfalls, and question-and-answers.

The topics covered include: water, oil, organic food, "forbidden" items, spices, juicing/machines, menus, enemas (coffee and castor oil), flare-ups, medication, toxins, ozone and hydrogen peroxide, laetrile and other adjuncts, fasting, stress, protein sources, milk proteins, addiction, exercise, and more.

Volume 3: Gerson Therapy Food Preparation In the 3rd and final volume of the Gerson Therapy DVDs, Charlotte Gerson shows how anyone can prepare delicious, healthy Gerson Therapy meals and juices quickly and easily.

Other useful tips are included.



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