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This is a reuplad of my Gerson pack from the old concen site.

Charlotte Gerson presents in four sessions lasting each 2 hours the practical aspects of the dietary therapy designed by her father Dr Max Gerson(1881-1959) (

For reminders, the Gerson therapy uses a safe, natural treatment consisting of organic foods, juicing, coffee enemas, detoxification and natural supplements to activate body s ability to heal itself from so called incurable degenerative diseases.

It can be affirmed no other treatment has yielded better results in advanced cancer cases( 50% cure rate ).

Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to recover from cancer, diabetes, heart disease,high blood pressure, obesity, auto-immune disease arthritis,etc...while the medical establishment has done everything possible to discredit it and has banned medical doctors to implement it in America or Europe (like all the other successful cancer therapies, ie laetrile, Royal Rife, Hoxsey, etc...).

Nevertheless, the therapy is administered in Mexico, Japan (numerous clinics) and some rare private hospitals in East Europe, while the non-profit organization is located in San Diego, California.

During these 4 sessions Charlotte outlines the practical aspects of the therapy for persons desiring to follow it by themselves at home; cured patients give lenghty testimonies and many details not present in Max Gerson's book "A cancer therapy" ( added to this torrent) are developed. For those not fluent in English i have included a transcript.

For more informations, visit the Gerson institute at

One is entitleld to one's opinions, not to one's facts.

This is where i would like to clarify some misconceptions by some people as to the relation of the Gerson diet to animal products; animal products are mandatory indeed (saltless and creamless pot cheese, yoghurt made from skimmed milk,buttermilk.) for the general cure, and constitute an extremely potent healing agent in the treatment of cancer disease , tuberculosis,osteoarthritis, asthma,and angina pectoris (fresh calfs liver juice).

It is thus inexact to affirm, like proponents of NEW WORLD ORDER's veganism and their troubled members here at concen that all animal products cause cancer.

In the words of Max Gerson "A cancer therapy", sixth edition published in 2002:

"After the dietetic treatment of lung tuberculosis was established (1927-1928) I treated, during 1928-29, my first three cancer cases all with favorable results. The dietary regime as it was used in tuberculosis consisted essentially of a saltless, properly prepared diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, predominantly raw, finely grated, and many freshly prepared juices, such as orange, grapefruit, and especially, apple and carrot juices. Frequent enemas were applied and Mineralogen (a composition of minerals) was administered. Later there was added daily: buttermilk, pot cheese, yoghurt and two raw egg yolks, stirred up in orange juice." (pg 31)

"Liver can be taken as nourishment even by those allergic patients who are highly hypersensitive to animal proteins; as therapy, however, liver nutrition is not sufficient, but must be supported by a more specific liver therapy. Where stronger liver stimulation appears necessary, as in cases of serious intoxication and degenerative diseases, extensive liver injections and liver juice therapy are necessary. The combination of liver therapy and diet was necessary in serious cases of osteoarthritis, asthma, angina pectoris and malignancies. The combination of a saltless diet, poor in fat and proteins, with the liver therapy, regularly lowers the blood sugar considerably, so that the diet increased the effect of the liver enzymes, increased the effect of insulin. and decreased the adrenalin effect to a great extent." (pg 82)

"The liver therapy may be looked upon as a kind of hormone-enzyme therapy, but in a very mild dosage and natural manner. It was found helpful in returning glycogen, K-group minerals and vitamins to the liver and other tissues and finally in preparing the conditions for the function of the oxidizing enzymes" (pg 83)

"Practical experience taught us that in malignancies it is advisable to apply immediately larger doses of liver juice and injections with the crudest liver extract like Lilly No. 370 3cc. combined with vitamin Bia lec equal 50 meg."(pg 80)

"Cancer must be prevented, by preventing damage to the liver. The basic measure of prevention is not to eat the damaged, dead, poisoned food which we bring into our bodies."(pg 419)

"If it (the liver) can be restored entirely, after say 1.5 years, we tell the patients only to avoid fats and salt. Otherwise they are free." (417)

"It goes without saying that vegetarians also get cancer"(142)

To conclude,
i leave you with the comments by our own very troubled & sick member here at concern (yes, Ratiocinator: and his numerous aliases spamming many torrent threads;
Ratiocinator who's
never read a single book about Gerson yet knows apparently the therapy inside out better than anyone else:


"Cheese is certainly not a part of the Gerson Therapy. The only role cheese plays in the Gerson Therapy is in the development of the diseases which people use the Gerson Therapy to cure."



"Patients on the Gerson Therapy drink a lot of plant juice; they do not consume any animal fats or animal foods. They only, and likely not even in every case, use this one liver extract supplement. Those that do use it use miniscule amounts."



"Perhaps you should follow the link I provided to The Gerson Institute and read what it is they actually do today. The book you cited was written decades ago, and the things you quoted from it(*) are not a part of the current therapy."


(*)my comments in his thread:-unsalted nonfat cottage cheese, introduced 6 weeks into the treatment (pg 94)
-preventive dietary program :"one quarter of food eaten at one's pleasure" (pg 90)