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George H Leonard Somebody Else Is on the Moon (1976)

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This book should be reprinted. It contains extraordinary analysis of NASA moon photo's from the early missions. All the photo's used in the book are cataloged and available through NASA. One particularly memorable photo shows a diamond shaped enclosure containing an 'L' shaped construction within. Transcripts of Apollo discussions with ground-control reveal that astronauts described spacecraft "hovering a kilometer above the surface". The photo's Hoagland produces in his web pages are not a patch on the one's in Leonard's book. Please reproduce the book - mine was stolen in a burglary.

"Somebody else is on the Moon" was first published in 1976. The book presents itself as an investigative documentary. The author George Leonard is building his theories on past observations of the moon, on pictures made available from NASA and on talks he has had with various people. The book starts with a long list of available NASA photographs of the moon's surface. It then defines a "change" that has taken place on the moon's surface. From there the reader is guided through certain facts about the moon itself. Throughout the rest of the book's 230 pages the author dwells with various types of "proof" of intelligent life on the moon. Each of the examples given are in itself astonishing be it a motor on the moon's surface as big as Bronx, lights, flashes and flares, spraying of the craters, gas jets, ground markings, insignia and high-rise signals just to mention few. And all through the book George Leonard is referring to the monochrome pictures that are placed in the middle of the book. He also provides many drawings whose purpose is to further cement his theory about an alien civilization on the moon.

Waited a while for it as they would not deliver to the UK, though once received, I was unable to put it down. It is a shame that Nasa cannot stop lying about the moon and everything else it has found through your tax dollars! George Leonard used basic pencil and paper to describe what he sees in the un-air brushed pictures which Nasa released. He also talks candidly with some of their scientists, who openly state, there are structures on the moon and they are not ours. It is sometimes difficult to make some of the structures out, though you can easily find the originals on line. And a host more! Remember this book is over 35 years old. It is so much more believable than the dross you are told about the moon. Read it and make your own mind up. Check out "Moon Rising" (You Tube) and John Lear. It all ties up. I would thoroughly recommend it. It should be re-released.

This book is very rare. I wonder why it has never been reprinted. NASA (never a straight answer) knows why. Why has the official NASA Apollo program never returned to the Moon? Were they afraid of somebody or something or are they already there without telling us? Somebody else seems to be on the moon, but who is it?

ebook: George H Leonard Somebody Else Is on the Moon (1976).pdf - 280 pp


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