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Garry Tibbo - Free Living 101 [self sufficiency nutrition survival]

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Garry Tibbo - Free Living 101 [self sufficiency nutrition survival]

You want answers. Here they are.

Everything you need to survive is within one mile of where you live... food, medicine, and a way to pay your house. You don't even need a job. After many tireless months, I just finished a DVD set that could change your life. This is taking Free Food and Medicine to another level. Meet Garry Tibbo. He lives in suburbia, Toronto Canada where it snows in the winter. He doesn't need a grocery store and he doesn't depend on others for money. He healed his diseases. He is happy. He is the future.

Almost everything he eats comes from his little suburban property, and most of it's not from his garden. Nature supplies it for free. In fact, it wasn't until he started consuming wild plants and weeds that his serious "incurable" health problems started going away. He relied on his automotive shop for income, until one day he realized he didn't have to be a slave to society when he started making money recycling unwanted things. This was 14 years ago. If the economy totally collapsed and there was no more electricity and grocery stores, Garry wouldn't be affected one bit.

You'd think eating wild plants and recycling is a poverty lifestyle. Think again. Garry saved enough money to buy over seven hundred acres of beautiful land in the country, where nature supplies enough abundance to feed, supply and heal the health conditions of anyone.

This is a life-changing 6 disk set, where we spend two intimate days with Garry as he shows us a new way of living without stress of the modern world. I have never seen so much information and knowledge contained in one single person. I filled up six disks and we barely scratched the surface. His native ancestors live and breathe through him. He is one of the most humble, sincere, real, grounded adorable passionate lovable human beings you'll ever experience. I can't get enough of him and neither will you. His honesty and sincerity shine through like a refreshing ray of cleansing light in today's murky world. True health and happiness comes from simplifying your life and honoring the laws of nature. It is the only way the world can survive. Let Garry inspire you to becoming fearless and real again. Forget the economy. Everything you need is already around you right now.

This is a 6 disk set- 5 DVDs and one audio CD. A two day workshop teaching you to understand and appreciate the perfection of nature. Stop worrying and start living ! That rat race you are caught up in is killing you. We are here to live in harmony with all other living things, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner our lives will start to heal.

The DVD website is Tell everyone you know about it. This makes a GREAT gift - especially to those who are lost, confused, down and out, and worried about finances and health. People need more than hope- they need real answers and proof. Garry Tibbo is a living shining example this actually works. He's been living this way for 12 years, and his boundless energy and positive spirits are a glorious testimonial to us all.

The truth will set you free.

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