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Gaia: New David Icke Series

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Gaia: New David Icke Series

Hey, I heard there's a new David Icke series on Gaia... anyone?

Yes, 1 episode in so far...

The Illusion of Normal
Escape the Matrix with David Icke
S1:Ep1 32 mins June 1, 2020

David Icke shares the moments in his life that challenged what he thought he knew about reality, and how he was forever changed by them. This led him along journey of confirmation, filled with ridicule and abuse, that ultimately taught him how to change his perceptions and see beyond the deceptions. What he has to teach will put human life, world events, and reality itself, into a completely different light. Through his discourse, he reveals that we are forever slaves to the control mechanisms of authoritarian forces, in this world and beyond, unless we learn to see beyond the reality that we have been told is the truth.

Ep 2

Revolution in Perception
Escape the Matrix with David Icke
June 1, 2020 S1:Ep2

We take for granted what we are told about the world to be true. David Icke spurs us to ask two very important questions that we may have never contemplated before: Who are we, and what is this reality that we experience every day. To understand the answers, we need to shift our perceptions of a physical reality into a universe solely comprised of frequency and energy. The longer we hold on to the illusion that we are physical beings, the longer can be manipulated into being powerless and weak. Once you change your views of yourself and your reality, you start to take back your power and discover the utopia that is just one perception shift away.

If someone has this, please

If someone has this, please upload the episodes.

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