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GAIA - Brain Crystals and Psychic Powers

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We know that earth’s magnetic fields affect everything from our mood to our ability to learn. Even stranger, research has begun to provide links between the electromagnetic field of our planet and psychic abilities. Could magnetic crystals act like tiny antennas connecting our brains to each other and to the entire planet? It may sound far-fetched, but surprisingly, the evidence is there.




The microscopic magnetite present in the part of cartilaginous human system and also in plants an animals, is our EIGHT organ of physical sens. I do not yet have knowledge about brain crystals, but i do have knowledge the life behind wat I sayed. Migrations are based on that sense. That is also the real answer to the first ancestral fundamental question of Science: why are plants always germinating upwards?

This is our true power that controls all. The invisible but physically present magnetic world. Due to toxins and poisons everywhere we are disconnected and blind to it never mind wield it.