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G Edward Griffin - The Discovery of Noah's Ark (1993)

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G Edward Griffin - The Discovery of Noah's Ark (1993) This is not the sensationalized program aired on CBS in 1993 which depicted Noah’s Ark protruding from the ice on Mt. Ararat. That program was later shown to have been based on falsified stories, myth, and bogus documents. This is the real Ark site! Noah’s Ark has been found. Here is the evidence, including photographs. You can visit the site yourself, and you won’t have to climb into a glacier to get there! Here are the facts. It is in Turkey 17 miles from Mt. Ararat on a gentle slope at the 6000-foot elevation. It is a man-made object and was clearly designed as a boat. It incorporates principles of higher mathematics and advanced hydrodynamics. It contains decks and interior chambers. It is the proper dimension for the Ark. It is in the proper geographical location. It is accompanied by large, anchor stones of an appropriate size. It has been visited by religious pilgrims for thousands of years. It is consistent with the Bible, the Torah, and the ancient clay tablets from Sumer. And it is surrounded by mountains and villages which carry names from antiquity relating to the Ark’s landing. This program was written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin. It is based upon the book, The Ark of Noah, by David Fasold and includes testimony by Mr. Fasold, author Donald Patten, marine engineer Sam Windsor, and archaeologist Marvin Luckerman. 60-minutes. An ideal companion to this program is Cataclysm from Space. This program received The Telly Award for excellence in television production. audio: Ron Wyatt's Death Bed Confession.mp3 ebooks: Biblical Archaeology Ron Wyatt's Discovery by Richard Kent.pdf Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan Deyo.pdf Gilgamesh 10.pdf Noah's Ark.pdf The Epic of Gilgamesh.pdf Torah.pdf text: David Fasold.pdf Durupınar site.pdf Lorence G Collins - A supposed cast of Noah’s ark in eastern Turkey.pdf Shea, W. H. - Ark-Shaped Formation in the Tendurek Mountains of Eastern Turkey.pdf The remains of Noah's Ark.pdf videos: Noahs Ark Found The Original Noah's Ark Documentary.mp4 Ron Wyatt 1988 Part 1 512kb.mp4 Ron Wyatt 1988 Part 2 512kb.mp4 Ron Wyatt Discovers Noah's Ark.mp4 Surprising Discoveries - Noahs Ark.mp4 Griffin The Discovery of Noah's Ark (1993).avi tags: ark, Noah, Ararat, Bible, history, Turkey, Ron Wyatt, David Fasold, archeology, Sumer
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A planetary deluge can not be taken seriously. There are animal and plants relations that need millions of years to establish.
The need to confirm Scripture as archaeological fact is part of the mind control strategy of all religions.
This been said, it is not out of the picture some water cataclysm as it is part of legend all around the world.
Finally, all the Abrahamic texts are based on much older contents... much older indeed !

Thank you for this.