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Future Memories with Derren Brown and John Lilly (videos+books)

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Future Memories with Derren Brown and John Lilly (videos+books)

John C. Lilly's Floatation Tank

Many scientists wondered what would
happen if a person were cut off from all
sensory stimulation and from interactions
with the world outside. Scientists influenced
by the "behaviorist" school, thought of the
brain as an organ that reacts to stimuli.
They predicted that if all outside stimuli
were cut off, the brain would cease its
activity resulting in a condition resembling
coma, or dreamless sleep.

An alternate hypothesis was that in a state
of profound isolation from stimuli and
interaction with the world, the brain would
continue operating and generating

Dr. John Lilly tested these hypotheses with
experiments he set up at the National
Institutes of Mental Health Lab in the Virgin
Islands. He limited stimulation to the
minimum possible level while removing
sources of discomfort and stress. His
"isolation" tank design approached this ideal
as closely as possible and the experiment
was up and running by the end of 1954.

In the isolation tank, Dr. Lilly found that he
could relax his mind and dream, but his
consciousness was always there, ready to
take charge. He could choose to relax and
let things happen, in which case the images
would free-associate, moving as if randomly
from one to the next. Or he could choose to
program what would happen, in a process
similar to lucid dreaming, but with an even
greater degree of control. He could invent a
scenario ahead of time with his
consciousness fully focused, and then relax
and let his brain carry out the program.

The Principal Discovery

The important discovery was, "So within
yourself you do have at least the circuitry to
exert control over these systems. You can
create a sense of well-being, or you can
create a sense of fear out of the operation
of your own bio-computer. That's the most
important message we have in regard to
self meta-programming. I saw that in the

"Somewhere, deep within the brain, was a
mechanism capable of generating internal
experiences completely independent of the
outside world, and this settled the issue of
what happens in profound physical
isolation. The mind does not pass into
unconsciousness, the brain does not shut
down. Instead, it constructs experience out
of stored impressions and memories. The
isolated mind becomes highly active and
creative. This was the principal discovery
that Dr. Lilly reported in his first three
scientific papers on the isolation tank
research, published in 1956, 1957, and

The First Major Group - the Exteriorites

"Lilly sees the tank as having two major
uses. One is for individuals who are
satisfied with and thoroughly tied into modal
Western concepts about the relationship
between the individual and the external
world: that is, for whom the external world is
the only reality, and for whom the internal
world of imagery and fantasy is perceived
as something unreal. If the individual is
satisfied and content in this mode, the
isolation tank can be used as a place to
consider one's problems and work out
solutions with a minimum of distraction...."

Consciousness Seekers

"For another group of people, the distinction
between external circumstances and
internal processes is not so clear-cut. They
perceive both sets of phenomena as
partaking of the quality of realness. These
people may be interested in self-analysis,
meditation, transcendental experiences, and
altered states of consciousness. For them,
the isolation environment is useful because
it minimizes interactions with the external
reality and allows the internal domain to be
more fully explored."

Promise or Possibility

Author Michael Hutchinson in "The Book of
Floating" speaks well here. "A new tool has
been developed that, like the computer, has
the potential not only of bringing about
enormous increase in our capabilities as
individuals but also of fundamentally
changing our way of life as a society.
This tool is the floatation tank, an enclosed
chamber filled with approximately ten inches
of warm saturated solution of Epsom salts.
A solution so dense that even the thinnest
person floats supine with the entire body at
or near the surface of the water.

The buoyancy counteracts the effects of
gravity, giving the floater a sensation of
weightlessness. The chamber is pitch-black,
silent. In the absence of sensory input, the
floater feels detached, free, at peace, Most
floaters report enhanced mental powers.
Virtually everyone finds the experience
immensely pleasant. And, as one prominent
scientist says, the tank provides a method
of attaining the deepest rest that we have
ever experienced."


1.)Derren Brown - Trick Or Treat S02E03 - Time Travel.avi

Xvid (Perian), 624 x 352, Millions
MPEG Layer 3, Stereo, 48.000 kHz
1039.20 kbits/s

In this video Derren uses the principle of the samadhi-tank with the help of a conventional swimming pool and a wet-suit. With this, he achieves some amazing results. Derren has the tendency to utilize true psychic effects and disguise them as psychological deception. He does this in order not to shatter common people's worldview (weltanschauung) too much. He admits using magic(k), but what type of magic(k) does he refer to? Stage magic or REAL magick? Probably both.

2.)Minority Report Trailer.mp4

We need a pre-crime unit, don't we?

Books on Floatation Tanks with John Lilly and Michael Hutchison

This torrent contains most of Lilly's books such as

*"John C Lilly and E J Gold - Tanks for the Memories - Floatation Tank Talks.pdf",

instruction manuals on how to build a floatation tank, pictures, drawings and Michael Hutchison's book

*"Michael Hutchison - The Book of Floating - Exploring the Private Sea.pdf".

I particularly enjoyed reading

*"John C Lilly - The Center of the Cyclone.pdf"

- a very important book. John Lilly is a real Guru, which is rare in the western world. There are probably not many humans who have gone as far as he has - he was a true mystic.

Comment: This is for you gsxrjunkie. You need some money, I've heard. Just imagine yourself building such a tank and accessing the future. You could win the lottery... But I'm just joking, of course... Money won't make you happy anyway...