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Full Disclosure - The Truth about the AIDS Epidemic

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FULL DISCLOSURE IS THE ONLY COMPLETELY UNABRIDGED account of WHY and HOW the AIDS virus was created, and those who set in motion a plague now threatening to extinguish ALL HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH. Dr. Glum forcefully tells of the "Final Solution" to "over-population, defectives, and selected racial groups." We learn, for the very first time, that the organization which helped to formulate Germany's "Final Solution" worked on the AIDS program from the very outset. People with preventive and healing natural medicines working to combat the always-fatal disease have been hounded, persecuted, and even murdered, as the book reveals. Dr. Glum spent the past eight years researching AIDS, gathering information from the most credible sources: people in a position to know, but who were afraid to speak out, those who knew they could trust him to bring their secret information to the attention of the people.