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FTR67 UFOs and The Alien Contact Deception

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FTR #67: UFO’s and The Alien Contact Deception [68:38m]


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The UFO question has usually been falsely dichotomized into two extremes: either the sightings are simply due to natural phenomena (”the planet Venus on a particularly bright night”) or they are the result of extraterrestrial activity. Elements of popular culture have successfully disseminated the fanciful notion that aliens from outer space have established contact with elements of our government and the equally fanciful notion that they are responsible for giving the military much of their technology. These segments highlight the little-known fact that much of “the aliens are among us” nonsense has been deliberately disseminated by the military and intelligence community. In addition, the broadcast analyzes evidence indicating that “UFO’s” are real, but that they do not come from outer space, as well as discussing the proto-fascistic aspects of many of the contactee cults that have sprung up around the world.