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Fritz Springmeier - Free Your Mind 2 (2013)

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Fritz Springmeier is a well-known author who has written among other things a series of 7 books on the Illuminati, three of which dealt with trauma-based mind control. Fritz has spoken at conferences and on radio since 1989, and received recently in 2012 a Peace Award from the Teach Peace Foundation. His unusual life has contributed to him becoming a renaissance man. Born in Kansas, Fritz is descended from farmers; and his father’s career was to help the world increase its agricultural production. This led to growing up in Nepal, and lots of travel.

Later, desiring to obey God rather than Uncle Sam, he abandoned an army career begun at West Point, USMA, to join the horse-and-buggy Amish. Hearing a call on his life to be a watchman, he left the Amish to step back into the world and warn America of the modern dangers we Americans face from the World’s elite and their Agenda. In retaliation, charges were trumped up, and he was incarcerated without any real evidence, and served 8 years in federal prison from 2003 to 2011. He is currently writing and speaking again.

01. Fritz Springmeier's talk from the 2013 Free Your Mind Conference. (720p)
-Breaking The Spells Of The Lies We Live By
-Occult Knowledge Of Immortality
-You Are Free, They Are The Slaves

02. Gathering of the Minds (720p)
-Q&A Session featuring Fritz Springmeier and various other speakers.

Bonus: 3 short clips of Fritz from the same conference.