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FreeFromFuel HHO DryCell DVD Workshop - Pdf Plans (2020)

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Water can heat houses and power cars!

The original DIY Manual, directly from the developers:

With this simple technique you can efficiently convert water into oxyhydrogen gas. The electrolysis of water is an old invention and even works with materials from the hardware store. The gas is cheap to produce and environmentally friendly. It is flammable and contains more energy than crude oil or natural gas.

The principle is as ingenious as it is simple: All you need is mild soapy water and electricity for electrolysis (the best is from photovoltaic or wind power). The many narrow steel plates give high efficiency. In between the plates there is a very mild soapy solution (3% soap in distilled water). By applying power to the plates, a large volume of flammable gas is produced.

The energy naturally just comes from the water itself. Yes, water is full of energy. This is why we drink it. Thus the electrolysis is just a stimulus, like a piece of flint, a cranking motor or a skipper setting sails. They all just unleash other (and much more powerful) energies. The gas can by ignited immediately and used e.g. for welding, heating or as an additive in combustion engines to save fuel. We explain all these experiments in the printed DIY manual.

A simple comparison:
1kg of crude oil = 35 MegaJoules
1kg of H2 = 120 MegaJoules


Thank you for this series. Very simple to get.

so looking at "1kg of H2 = 120 MegaJoules" I'm assuming we're burning h2 with o2 which should produce water, right? otherwise we'd ran out of water eventually, not so enviromental friendly if that was the case.

Maybe I have missed it but what is not so abvious is how much water dose this setup consumes?

Hydroxy is the key, not H2 and O2. HHO plasma can sublimate a tungsten sphere. Never an H2 plasma would do that...

I just finished the main course.

very informative and layman available. de-radioactivating claim was interesting!! not to mention chemalloy thingy.